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the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface

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Fujigaki et al .[2] demonstrated that C5b-9 was positive along the entire epithelial side of the GBM and in some microstructures, and they suggested that podocyte and GBM injuries might be caused by attack of podocytes by C5b-9, which might contribute partly to podocytic infolding and intra-GBM microstructures.
Matsuo et al .[3] reported a case of podocytic infolding lesions correlated with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis secondary to vesicoureteral reflux (VUR).
Studies have focused on hippocampal infolding or the existence of IHI in different populations.
There are a number of studies evaluating hippocampal shape and development in the literature (1, 5, 13-16), which show that HIA increases gradually to a horizontal position from a vertical one over the course of hippocampal infolding. IHI was reported with a higher frequency in patients with epilepsy (2, 8, 11, 12) and, in a recent study, in prolonged febrile seizures (9).
(4, 6, 28, 31) The regulation of tension across the myodural bridge as a spinal cord stabilizer may prevent dural infolding, reducing stimulation of nociceptive pain mechanisms.
While a videotaped encounter group is far from a work of art, Ryan's notion of infolding is useful as an alternative model of the relation between video and narcissism.
"The infolding and incorporation of surface tissue within the embryo accounts for the presence of ciliated cells within nervous tissue," they write.