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flowing inward


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The influent concentration of TSS in both ponds was 320 [+ or -] 80 mg [l.sup.-1].
Influent was fed from a 500-gal/day circular tank that received wastewater from the Montgomery County plant, as previously described.
The average annual influent TSS and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentrations are 138 mg/L and 106 mg/L, respectively.
Solids are scraped away, leaving a clarified final effluent, which then becomes influent for PM3.
This Rural Development investment will be used to increase capacity and reduce treatment cost by constructing a wastewater treatment plant, influent and effluent force main, submerged diffuser, and booster pump station.
For simulating the different concentrations of sulfate in the influent water, some dosage of FeS[O.sub.4] x 7[H.sub.2]O was fed in the influent pumped from the actual groundwater.
Soluble total phosphorus (TP) removal efficiency ranged from approximately 88% at an SRT of 9.3 days to 78% at an SRT of 18.3 days and influent
At WwTW A, industrial influent to the works included approximately 6% of the total influent, and the population equivalent of the works influent was approximately 137,000.
(White Plains, New York) engineered an innovative trenchless rehabilitation of a deteriorated influent line and concrete diversion chamber, a structure used to direct raw sewage flow from two interceptors to the treatment plant.
(EP) recently completed the cured-in-place lining portion of the $770,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Line and Diversion Chamber Rehabilitation project for the City of Middletown, OH.
Le chef du gouvernement Youssef Chahed a categoriquement rejete les accusations selon lesquelles il exercerait un grand pouvoir influent sur la justice, notamment apres a l'arrestation de Nabil Karoui, proprietaire de la chaine Nesma tv.
Ces nouveaux modes influent sur l'ecosysteme des services de paiement de la Cemac, d'ou il faut s'arrimer a cette nouvelle donne.
The project includes a new influent pump station, a mechanically cleaned influent screen, a bypass bar screen, an aerated grit removal system, an oxidation ditch, two secondary clarifiers, two sludge digestion tanks, a chemical feed system, and a new chlorine disinfection system.
This $17M project entails the addition of Ultraviolet Disinfection Facilities and ancillary systems that would allow for further treatment of the influent wastewater.
The effects of influent initial concentration, inflow rate, influent pH, adsorbent mass, adsorbent grain size and operating temperature on arsenic(V) adsorption by the PC-Fe/C-packed column were investigated.