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flowing inward


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The credible sources have disclosed influent people had attacked the house with allegedly convince of local police personnel.
Thus, an increase in the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in influent is reduced effluent quality.
With help from a team of Department of Defense scientists, Frontier Environmental Technology staff set up the dBBR system with a maximum influent rate of 3,000 gallons per day at the Fort Leonard Wood wastewater treatment plant.
Temperature and pH values for settled influent and effluent were measured on daily basis while, MLVSS in the reactor, COD, BOD, total Cr, S[O.
The part of raw carbon sewage from influent is utilized for upstream denitrification in the pre anoxic chamber, before reaching the oxidation chamber, while the downstream denitrification utilizes endogenous carbon source from the aerobic process [6, 20].
During the month long event Water Planet's system took in wastewater with highly variable influent water quality and delivered consistently high levels of water purification while automatically maintaining and cleaning itself.
Le Royaume a toujours ete un membre actif et influent au sein de l'UPA depuis la creation de cette institution et y jouit d'une place distinguee et d'une grande credibilite tant au niveau des relations bilaterales que multilaterales avec les autres pays membres'', a-t-il declare a la MAP, en marge de l'ouverture des travaux de la 63eme session du comite executif de l'UPA (4-8 novembre).
Le ministre israelien de la Defense Ehud Barak a averti l'Iran dimanche qu'IsraE1/2l ne permettrait jamais aux dirigeants iraniens de developper une arme nucleaire, a l'ouverture d'une conference d'un influent groupe de pression USA-IsraE1/2l a Washington.
The odds of samples being MRSA-positive decreased as treatment progressed: 10 of 12 (83%) influent samples were MRSA-positive, while only one of 12 (8%) effluent samples was MRSA-positive.
2002, Investigation into the Removal of Nematodes Eggs in Influent and Effluent of Shoosh Wastewater Treatment Plant, J.
In the past, it has been almost impossible to monitor influent because of the physical and biological challenges that sewage presents - ragging, biofouling etc.
ProAct Services can treat on-site hydrotest water for iron and total suspended solids along with hydrocarbons at flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per minute and meet these lower discharge levels regardless of the influent load.
The zeta potential of influent waters received by the treatment facility affects the formation of floc following the rapid mix or flocculation step during the treatment process.
The team installed a temporary diversion around a portion of MSD's 96-inch influent pipe as part of a multiyear project to increase the district's peak wet-weather treatment capacity.