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Synonyms for influence

Synonyms for influence

the power or capacity to produce a desired result

the power to produce an effect by indirect means

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

to have an impact on in a certain way

Synonyms for influence

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For example, women are more influenceable in social situations than men, more often experience an external locus of control, and are more likely to seek help than men; all factors that might facilitate the experience of a spiritual awakening (Beckman, 1993).
Inflation targeting is furthermore sold as an effective communications policy, as it makes the public focus on inflation as the macroeconomic variable (among those the public cares about) that is most effectively influenceable by monetary policy.
Study (Conceptual, Analyses) Subject Eagly (1978) An examination of the hypothesis that women Conceptual analysis are more influenceable than men Eagly and Carli (1981) A meta-analysis of studies examining Conceptual analysis whether men and women differ in how easily they are influenced Penaloza (1994) A discussion of creating and sustaining Conceptual analysis gender-based knowledge in marketing research Green (1996) A review on gender responses to surveys Conceptual analysis Study (Conceptual, Analyses) Findings Eagly (1978) Little empirical support for the hypothesis; Conceptual analysis the findings are paradoxical in relation to the popular notion of social psychology indicating that women are more easily influenced than men.
To some extent the existence of networks is likely to be related to population density within the regions, and therefore only to a lesser degree influenceable by economic policy.
influenceable indicators, applied specifically to monitor and measure the performance of the Scottish Enterprise network and specifically Scottish Enterprise Tayside (SET) programmes in delivering sustainable development objectives which are under its influence, including the performance of `client' organisations (the implementation of these indicators will be negotiated with client' bodies).
Performance measures that reflect managers' controllable actions and/or influenceable actions, e.
Whether they could move on to another set was influenceable by psi in the following manner.