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The temperature in the digesters in winter is likely to be affected by a range of different factors, but primarily by air temperature, degree of heat exchange between the digester and the air, soil temperature, temperature of inflowing slurry (which is again influenced by air temperature), temperature of the washing water etc.
As the container gets emptier, the bag can thus fold almost completely flat without any inflowing air reaching the contents.
Sand heated too much by inflowing metal and long exposure to radiated heat.
As a result the country suffered deficit in its balance of payments with outflowing capital larger than inflowing capital.
Annual loads of nutrients were then calculated by multiplying the mean annual concentrations mentioned above by the corresponding volumes of annual inflowing (irrigation) water and drainage water, respectively.
Twenty to 30 shrimp (biomass, 80-150 g) were put into a respiration chamber, and the oxygen consumption was estimated by measuring the oxygen concentration in the inflowing water versus the outflowing water.
For example, if an inflowing tributary is added to a reach of river, the associated reachcode would remain the same, but the associated COMID would be retired and two new COMIDs would identify each of the two segments on either side of the confluence.
Noble developed the computer simulation solving all of the equations governing the complex motion of inflowing gas and its associated magnetic fields near an accreting black hole.
Noble developed a computer simulation solving all of the equations governing the complex motion of inflowing gas and its associated magnetic fields near an accreting black hole.
Here the stagnation created its own circulation and a cut-off low formed extending its inflowing circulation high into the upper atmosphere.
The volume of air inflowing and outflowing between the window surface boundary layer and the adjoining block toward the interior is determined based on the relationship between the temperature of the ascending/descending flow between the blinds and the glass (the window surface boundary layer flow) and the vertical temperature distribution on the interior side, as determined using the method given for wall surface flow by Togari et al.
Alternatively, these three taxa might have been situated near the mouth, when it was open in March--August 2007, and could have been carried into the estuary by inflowing water, because all three species are typically found in the surf zone of sandy beaches (Kilburn & Rippey 1982).
The Jonglei canal in the river Nile was sought to circumvent Al Sudd (a vast swamp in South Sudan), where as much as half of the inflowing water evaporates because of lakes and swamps, flooding an area bigger than the size of Belgium and Holland.
Nampa said that the donor and investment companies inflowing to Yemen and utilizing natural resources and work force would affect considerably development and stability in Yemen.
After filling with marine sand, two cycles of 15 min static extraction using purified water were carried out at heating temperature of 100[degrees]C and pressure of 1000psi, the extraction solvent was flushed into 60 mL-glass tube after inflowing nitrogen for 60 sec and then fixed to the volume of 50mL with purified water.