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flowing inward


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The worst configuration for base pressure is the one with the inflowing rear rims.
AFFLUENT A Inflowing stream B Larger than life C Yielding who am I?
Many of Kariba's inflowing rivers already suffer serious siltation and degradation due to uncontrolled and often illegal gold mining operations (usually panning) in their upper reaches and catchments.
Water circulation was used once more in a secondary treatment from May to August 2014, which had become necessary due to reacidification of the lake caused by inflowing water with an acidic pH value--3,000 mt of lime products in a 400,000-[m.
They followed, however, the same seasonal cycle of the inflowing waters.
Meanwhile, the engagement time contraction reduces the lubricant volume inflowing to the friction pair and thus increases the temperature of the friction pair and lubricant.
Aeration of inflowing Savannah River water has improved the summer habitat for blueback herring and striped bass, both of which need well-oxygenated, cool water in summer.
The cold snap at the end of the week appears to have moved the fish away from the cooler inflowing water but has also put the bigger fish on the prowl with several anglers reporting loosing big fish.
Moreover, arterial spin labeling (ASL) is a noninvasive alternative for imaging whole-brain cerebral perfusion that uses radiofrequency pulses instead of gadolinium to label inflowing arterial blood.
These stars are burning brightly long before they've achieved their final masses, so their intense radiation ought to push out inflowing gas and dust.
One life line that Lebanese economy depended on was the money inflowing from abroad which was estimated at eight billion USD annually.
Moreover, the control of the liquid temperature is acting as an additional process parameter since the actual preform temperature is influenced by the temperature of the inflowing liquid.
Abstract This work investigates the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) inflowing in the transport sector and its connected activities of storage and communication of 30 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries and the carbon dioxide (C02) emission from sectoral fuel combustion.