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Synonyms for inflorescence

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

the flowering part of a plant or arrangement of flowers on a stalk

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Among pests, thrips (Thysanoptera) stand out among the most important pests associated with mango trees, attacking leaves, inflorescences and fruits (BARBOSA; PARANHOS, 2005).
We sampled approximately equal numbers of inflorescences (20-50), with 2 to 5 bracts per inflorescence, in each area.
During the vegetative growth, the apical meristem of each of these axes produces leaves and intemodes, then generates the terminal inflorescence (tin) and finally the distal intemodes begin to elongate.
Cluster C only consists of one cultivar, "Semongok Aman." This cultivar was clustered alone with plenty of distinct characteristics, even when compared to the closest cluster (Cluster B), especially in Characteristic 2 (leaf apex), Characteristic 3 (leaf base), Characteristic 10 (inflorescence colour at the withering stage), and Characteristic 18 (percent fruit set).
Besides, inflorescence bract is in green together with peduncle bracts.
The identified genes were coded in numerical order with the prefix "IDG" (inflorescence development-related gene).
Evaluation of nutritional quality of torch ginger (Etlingera elatior Jack.) inflorescence. International Food Research Journal, 18(4): 1415-1420.
On a given plant, two buds were near the top, two near the center, and two near the bottom of a haphazardly-chosen inflorescence. Small mesh bags were then applied to individual flowers to eliminate the possibility of natural cross-pollination via insects or wind.
In order to assess the above mentioned hypotheses we conducted two types of experiments, by which we attempted to determine; i) the effect of a natural canopy on inflorescence architecture and orientation ("natural canopy experiment", see details below), and ii) if a light ambient enriched in the far red portion of the spectrum is the main stimulus that promotes the responses of plants to their neighbours ("artificial far red light experiment", see details below).
Because of the spikelets bractlets of the of equal length and the inflorescence receptacle convex or hemispheric, Rapatea isanae belongs to Rapatea sect.
Inflorescence initiation.--Once the basal leaf has reached maturity and the plant begins to put forth an inflorescence, the basal leaf rapidly begins to wither away and is replaced by an inflorescence stalk.
The pigment composition and colouration of inflorescence bracts of Calathea crotalifera were evaluated in this study.
Another factor that affects the visual aspect of the lawn is the intense emergence of flower rachises, especially in lawns formed by P notatum in which the color of the inflorescence is different from the color of the leaves.
The chapters were collected daily in the dry weather of morning from the beginning of flowering soon after the opening of the inflorescence for three months, as recommended by Pinto and Bertolucci (2002).