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in an inflexible manner


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But the foci appear to have been somewhat arbitrarily limited (and then inflexibly adhered to) and the methodology not thoroughly worked out.
Websites that are inflexibly designed for one of the larger sizes, force the millions still using smaller resolutions to scroll from side to side to see all of the information on your pages.
As Stuart Eizenstat, Under-Secretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs explained on dune 3, "We have to try to resolve [the sanctions issue] in a way that balances what [the law] inflexibly requires us to do [yet] mitigate the impact on U.S.
Justice Potter Stewart wonders "about the desirability of the dicta being quite so inflexibly `legislative,'" suggesting that he might extend to the states more latitude to make policy judgments [letter from Potter Stewart to Harry Blackmun, dated December 14, 1972].
Vincentio has all along recognized the principle imposed by conscience, that one must not judge others inflexibly -- but his role as head of state demands that he do precisely this.
Piar Singh explicitly identifies these opponents as a group of Chandigarh men, owning as their leader one Daljeet Singh (since deceased) and inflexibly dedicated to a particular view of the canonization of Sikh scriptures.
The algorithms often model the problem inaccurately and inflexibly because they sacrifice precision in order to fit into predetermined, standard optimisation methods.
rather than always inflexibly apply the law precisely as it is set forth in the Torah" (Sanhedrin 6B).
Fairness discourse mitigates the harshness of traditional rules applied inflexibly across the board by introducing justice, which Franck sees as reducing inequality or taking contextual factors into account.
None of these components is inflexibly given in the order of things.
Standards stay inflexibly high, which means everyone promoted has earned it--and everyone working under them knows it.
In John Ciardi's vigorous English verses (first published in 1954), the malevolent figure of Fraude is, nonetheless, inflexibly made into a male:
Today, many of these vintage dances seem inflexibly set and make their music sound like salon pieces.
Teleonomic guidance involves internal mechanisms that respond inflexibly to proximate environmental conditions (Ch.
In particular, the Rono faction criticized their Koza counterparts for being inflexibly ideological and for overemphasizing the differences between Japan and other capitalist countries.