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in an inflexible manner


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On the contrary, one of the accepted virtues of freedom of testation is that it exploits the comparative advantage of testators to craft estate plans benefitting successors, taking into account the unique circumstances of each family; by comparison, intestacy law operates mechanically and inflexibly.
The First Amendment is unlikely to be interpreted so inflexibly as to kill off privacy.
Points further to the left on the x-axis represent greater time devoted to non-work activities, called "leisure" for short (though it includes "personal time" that is relatively inflexibly devoted to sleep and personal care).
I was left with a sense that many settlements do have easy potential to take some limited growth to meet local housing needs but that Green Belt policy appears to have unnecessarily and inflexibly drawn up the drawbridge.
He follows this section with significant attention (54-61) to whether karma is fatalistic (it seems fairly obviously not fatalistic, but it is to his credit that he gives the canonical supports for this view), stating that "karmic results of a particular action are actually seen to vary, so past karma does not inflexibly determine a fixed result, produced in a mechanical-like way" (59)--more wiggly-determinism.
Staff car is the most sought after plum, and inflexibly.
But, as Deputy Minister for Skills Ken Skates - himself a Cambridge graduate - suggested to the Western Mail last month, both Oxford and Cambridge retain the perception they are inflexibly geared up to those that are prepared and comfortable with the pomp and ceremony that is still the way of life there.
There is a brutish order of things depicted in this cautionary tale, an order that inflexibly divides the world's population into two categories: the hunter and the hunted.
106) Scholars who subscribe to this view often point out that when appellate courts have played a more robust role in curbing sentencing discretion in guidelines regimes, it has led to the opposite result: sentences that are overly harsh, anchored inflexibly within the Guidelines, and inappropriate for particular individuals.
She was Britain's first woman Prime Minister and without doubt the Conservative leader left her imprint on the country she ruled inflexibly during a 1980s scarred by hunger strikes, riots and strife.
FMCSA's 2011 changes would put onerous restrictions on drivers' ability to effectively manage their schedules by limiting the use of a restart period to once every seven days, as well as inflexibly mandating off-duty breaks during the workday.
He also believed "that if everyone retains inflexibly his present opinion, there will be no bill passed at all for funding the public debts, and .
Achebe's advocacy for gender equality in the novel is further seen when he gives Okonkwo an effeminate son and a masculine daughter, suggesting that gender is not biological but the hero is inflexibly macho, blinded by fear that he may succumb finally to his father's fate which is of course inevitable: "Okonkwo was very lucky in his daughters.
2d 1109 (1986), the court found "that the statutory maximum fees, as inflexibly imposed in cases involving unusual or extraordinary circumstances, interfere with the defendant's Sixth Amendment right 'to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.
By contrast Kohlschreiber appeared to commit himself inflexibly to all-out attack on crucial points during the climax of the contest.