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characterized by inflections indicating grammatical distinctions


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Crucially, this inflectionally realized distinction between definite and indefinite forms applies only to native IC1 animate masculine nouns and excludes loans.
The stock example is the replacement of the inflectionally marked annexation construction by the so-called analytical genitive, yet this very same periphrastic possessive has been put forward (e.
The conjunctive mood is inflectionally defective in that it generally does not indicate person or number (although these can be indicated with non-3rd person enclitic pronouns or with anaphoric inflection) and many conjunctive clauses do not repeat the tense/aspect information found on the main verb.
These nouns can also be grouped together as members of a prosodically diverse but inflectionally uniform 'fourth' declension.
In some languages, such as English, this is lexicalized, in others, such as Polish, it is marked inflectionally on each verb.
English is an inflectionally poor language, so problems arise mainly in connection with ambiguities at the word class (part-of-speech) level, e.