inflectional suffix

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an inflection that is added at the end of a root word

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The example in (41) with a (monosyllabic) inflectional suffix demonstrates the crucial role of Align(PWd,[?
If the <e> represents an inflectional suffix, its absence can be interpreted as evidence of morphological loss.
Second, German monosyllables consisting of 9 and 10 letters are also plentiful, although it should be added that these examples have in common that they all contain an inflectional suffix, e.
Note that German SCH is typically situated at the left edge of the word, although there are other examples in which SCH is at the right edge or before the inflectional suffix.
At this point, a further clarification is needed with respect to the question of why it is the stem, and not the inflectional suffix, that gets specified for a particular gender value, since both the stem and the inflectional suffix contain the inflection-class information that is crucial to the gender-value assignment.
Additionally, in both languages there is a clear distinction between derivational and inflectional suffix slots (Skalicka 1979, Manova 2011a), on the one hand, and between purely derivational, i.