inflectional morphology

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the part of grammar that deals with the inflections of words


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In Maiden, Martin & Smith, John Charles & Goldbach, Maria & Hinzelin, Marc-Olivier (eds.), Morphological autonomy: Perspectives from Romance inflectional morphology, 358-381.
Metalinguistic Lemma Secondary Headword sources Alternative spelling Lexical category Meaning Linguistic Inflectional Morphology Derivational morphology Inflectional class Lexical prime Inflectional paradigm Derivational paradigm As can be seen in the data flow in Figure 10, the assignment of lemma consigns the information in the blocks in Figure 7.
Section 3 focuses on several issues: the syntactic heterogeneity of the OE demonstratives, morphological contrasts they manifest, and the importance of inflectional morphology in NS.
Previous research has shown that CLIL learners do not improve in the use of certain morphosyntactic aspects such as inflectional morphology as much as they do in measures of general competence (Martinez Adrian and Gutierrez Mangado 2015).
A limitation should be highlighted in the ability of the two tasks (morphosemantic decision and inflectional graph-morphology) that evaluate the skills of the students related to derivational and inflectional morphology. This is due to the fact that the answers for the tasks were chosen from two alternatives, which increases the possibility of correct responses by chance.
For example, Aime Kahrik used it in her thesis dealing with Veps inflectional morphology (1980) and Jaan Oispuu in his thesis on Karelian inflectional morphology (1985).
Turning to inflectional morphology, the use of cases is in decline as compared to standard Polish, especially dative, locative and male-personal (MP) plural; first- and third-person present tense verbs are often conflated (e.g.
Skinner (1957) also suggested that inflectional morphology correspond to both particular semantic characteristics of the entities referred to and proximal and/or distal associations between words.
Focusing on these language differences, we aimed to find a pattern of regularity in final cluster reductions in English L2 by Spanish speakers mainly based on three aspects: length (one, two, three and four coda members), the presence of inflectional morphology (monomorphemic and bi-morphemic word final clusters) and sonority scale.
In spite of Nicolai's valuable contribution to the tradition of philological studies, his work does not incorporate basic methodological distinctions on which there is consensus in contemporary linguistic theory, such as the ones between synchronic and diachronic processes and the differences between inflectional morphology and derivational morphology.
Inflectional morphology is covered in just one and a half pages!
Inflectional morphology, also called grammatical morphology, is concerned with affixes that have purely grammatical function.
(7) Nonetheless, between the ages of 2;4 and 2;6 when the markings for INFL noticeably appeared in the children's speech, both children were able to use inflectional morphology productively and henceforth, they consistently avoided violations of the constraints on language mixing.
The author shows the various ways in which inflectional morphology is realized on either the lexical verb or the auxiliary, or on both.