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Antonyms for inflationary

associated with or tending to cause increases in inflation

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However, what's particularly of big concern was the tighter squeeze on profit margins as inflationary pressures built rapidly to survey-record rates.
Planck had mapped the most detailed readings to date and seemed to confirm the inflationary theory about the universe - that the universe expanded extremely fast immediately following the Big Big before eventually slowing - which had been widely accepted by cosmologists for more than three decades.
Most of stickiness in core is structural in nature apart from inflationary expectations.
The book describes how the crisis of reality provoked by inflationary media in the early modern period set the stage for the struggle between domination and freedom in our contemporary age of inflationary media.
The central bank said its policy would put a cap on inflationary pressures.
On both occasions they were outvoted after the other committee members said there was insufficient evidence of inflationary pressures to justify an immediate increase.
Headline inflation is moderate, but inflationary pressures are increasing and are expected to continue doing so over the next two years.
The committee, however, observed that inflationary pressures may moderate in the coming month on account of the recent stability in the exchange rate of the Kwacha.
R Kumara Swarny proposed the unique and well-researched Kumara Swamy Theorem of Inflationary Gap in his convocation lecture on Inflation and Economic Development of Nigeria delivered at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria on March 3, 1978.
Cynically, I might suggest a correlation between the true inflationary billing practices of the medical industry and the inflation of medical language.
Overall inflation, driven by rising producer costs, explains most of the inflationary pressures, while the pace of core inflation (CPI ex-food, energy, tariffs & tobacco) remained broadly unchanged at 5.
The anticiapated level was crossed by food and regulated prices with inflationary expectations also higher, the central bank decided to raise the reference interest rate in order to prevent these price hikes from spilling over to other prices.
Taipei, April 20, 2012 (CENS)--Basic monthly pay will increase inevitably in 2013, at a scale higher than inflationary rate, and may reach NT$20,000, said Wang Ju-shuan, minister of the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), yesterday (April 19).
Mukherjee said that the inflationary pressures in India are being driven by supply-side factors, but added that he expected inflation to moderate from December.
Commenting on the latest figures, Petrus Shifotoka, junior economist for Capricorn Investment Holdings said he expects inflationary pressures to increase until the end of the year.