inflation rate

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the rate of change of prices (as indicated by a price index) calculated on a monthly or annual basis

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The inflation rates continue to increase as previous reports showed that the inflation rate increased by 2.
As the accompanying chart shows, the inflation rate calculated a different way--as a 12-month average--has remained fairly steady in those months around 15 percent.
6 per cent in February compared to the average inflation rate during 2014 amounting to about 3.
Broadly, this trend estimate also implies that recent low inflation is the result of both a lower trend inflation rate and a temporary fall of inflation below the trend.
The CBoS attributed the decline in inflation rate to the decrease in the average price of some components of the food and drinks group which amounts to 52.
On the other hand, inflation rate for clothing and footwear group declined by 0.
Nobakht added that Iran's point-to-point inflation rate for the month was 13.
Earlier the country's Central Bank reported that the annual inflation rate as of the end of July stood at 7%.
He said he had promised that the inflation rate would fall to 25 percent in the current year, but the current inflation rate is already below 25 percent, Iran's IRNA news agency reported on August 8.
The Eurostat agency says the core inflation rate - which excludes volatile food and fuel costs - remained unchanged on the month at 0.
The central bank of Iran has put its inflation rate at 25.
The CBI noted that the fall in inflation rate started in November 2013, two months after Rouhani warned that the Iranian economy was in the state of stagflation, a situation where the inflation rate is high and the economic growth rate slows down.
The monthly inflation rate for February 2014 stood at 0.
The inflation report published by the National Statistics and Data Centre, pointed out that the inflation rate in the Sultanate stood at 0.
The statistics have shown that the inflation rate rose in November 2013 compared to Oct.