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Synonyms for inflaming

arousal to violent emotion


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David Cameron has denied that the coalition is split over tackling immigration, after he was accused by a Cabinet minister of using "very unwise" language, which risked inflaming extremism.
You state that Sky News is inflaming public opinion but don't you think that you are doing exactly the same thing by bringing Murdoch's supposed religion into it, when it has absolutely nothing to do with it.
According to a Xinhua report, Beijing said that it does not seek to "protect any side" in the current crisis and calls on all parties to avoid acts that risk further inflaming heightened tensions.
Isn't it strange that some people who are enthusiastic about disarming Beirut are the ones who are escalating political tension and inflaming sectarian hatred?
The traditional and romantic notion that a liberal education is meant to enrich young hearts and minds, inflaming them with noble passions and infusing a lifelong love of beauty and learning, is effusively defended by the exuberant middle-aged general studies professor Hector (Richard Griffiths), a chubby and bespectacled Mr.
Our exit strategy must focus on healing nationalist resentments, not inflaming them by settling our troops in for a long haul.