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Patients were abused by Irving and Morrell in the Elderly and Mentally Infirm Unit at the Blackmill Care Centre in Bridgend, south Wales.
The country will have 27 miles of useless road and the Government will want somewhere to concentrate the socially unacceptable, odd, old and infirm, and others they haven't mentioned yet.
The Record has exposed abuse of the elderly in homes and campaigned to provide better care for the old and infirm.
Eileen Loughridge a senior partner at Loughridge Bowler, in the Quadrant, says that while much has been written on the more sensational aspects of the Mental Capacity Act, other measures with huge implications for the elderly and infirm have been ignored.
ALMOST 300 elderly and mentally infirm people in Southport could be told to pack their bags and leave in just three weeks - unless Sefton council can find a quarter of a million pounds.
Our group is attempting to save the Bryneithin Elderly Mentally Infirm Care Home in Dinas Powys and our supporters will despair at this news, believing our fight is hopeless.
Both complexes will pro-vide flats designed to cope with the problems of the aged and infirm, including "wheelchair" flats with ramps.
The 33-year-old woman went from door to door asking for cash, preying on vulnerable residents including the elderly and infirm.
It will boast eight separate dialysis stations and have room for three new doctors' surgeries as well as offices for the South Warwickshire Primary Care Trust, and a 28-bed home for the elderly and mentally infirm.
But compromise would seem preferable to the sight of a hospital ward with the sick and infirm left to fend for themselves.
Dysphagia and swallowing impairment is a common problem in populations of elderly and infirm patients with estimates of the disorder affecting 40-50% of patients in nursing home facilities frequently receiving medicated analgesia.
BRYNEITHIN Elderly Mentally Infirm Care Home in Dinas Powys is the only specialised home of its kind in the Vale and the council wants to close it - despite what its "sham" public consultation comes up with
Solihull Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership have launched a campaign to protect the elderly and infirm from abuse.
Akiba awards were presented to Trudy Linder, Ira Simonds and Avrum Harris for their dedication to the advancement of the Jewish culture by helping the infirm and the indigent.