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Synonyms for infinitude

an infinite quantity

the quality of being infinite

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A suspensao temporal da representacao (forma e espaco), a ausencia de acao ou de dramaticidade, a inexistencia do tempo passado ou presente, absolutamente tudo, revela um locus, em que o confronto entre ser e nada, vazio e pleno, abstrato e concreto, infinitude e finitude, apontam para lugares intermediarios: entre-lugares.
Insofar as the active infinitude of material reality and the nature of perception are concerned, the metaphysics of Leibniz aligns with the main points of Blake's "b" series of No Natural Religion more closely than does the philosophy of Berkeley.
Therefore, he concludes, defining Judaism limits Judaism to one particular thing and does not capture its infinitude.
Such a synthesis is deeply connected to the infinitude and multiplicity of memory, a theme that runs through the artist's work and was an organizing feature of the exhibition, most overtly in the presentation of a vast collection of documentary materials.
1) Reading "As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life" as "the most rivetingly existential account of infinitude in the English language[,]" Longenbach describes how, in the poem's final sentence, Whitman becomes "a thing himself[,]" a thing that, like the things around him, is "a metaphor for something else" (146, 147, 150).
Faced with such infinitude, the poet cannot help but be a little silly in the metaphors he chooses to capture the creatures on the page: "For they anticipate lobsters, the Pre-Raphaelites, the tenor / saxophone, and the buckskin jacket.
However, the finiteness or infinitude of the balancing Wieferich primes are still unknown.
But no model can consider the infinitude of variables of people living their lives.
In doing so, she illuminates "the relationship between the emergence of a new form of observer, one both radically individuated and simultaneously networked, and a novel form of knowledge production based on assumptions of informational infinitude, a 'communicative objectivity'" (p.
Call me vibrational matter shimmering in infinitude.
Perhaps no trope of science fiction is as invested in coping with infinitude as the black hole, which I will read as moments where science fiction sequesters its own attempts at explanation and conjecture, naming an unknown thing or process or phenomenon as fundamentally inexplicable, as literally beyond the known.
Kierkegaard (1849/1980) voiced a similar dialectic in describing the self as a relational synthesis "composed of infinitude and finitude" (p.
We learn that Mort(e)'s heightened consciousness is a gift from the leader of the animal revolution: an ancient Queen ant and her colony who emerge from the underground, a swarm-pack-war-machine of seeming infinitude both in number and devotion to their matriarch and her vengeful cause.
lt;neutA> may be from no middle (excluded middle), to one middle (included middle), to many finite discrete middles (finite multiple included-middles), and to an infinitude of discrete or continuous middles (infinite multiple included-middles) [for example, as in color for the last one, let's say between black and white there is an infinite spectrum of middle/intermediate colors].