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The deliberate obstruction of this critical task was, it is now clear, designed to make possible the present militarily ambiguous situations, which profit only Khartoum; Juba gains nothing from such indeterminate borders, and international policing is made infinitively more difficult in the absence of demarcation, indeed even delineation in far too many places.
Cooperative and non-cooperative game, evolutionary games, infinitively repeated games, multi-agent games, two-level games, nested games, fuzzy games, neutrosophic games, supergames, metagames, despite their value and their emphasis is on specific issues, all do not account for an environment in which multiple actors gradually become active parts of the game, as shown to be a real occurrence and supported by empirical evidence in political bargaining crises like those between Russia and its former satellites.
The fibers are randomly deposited within the plane of the substrate, the deposition rate amounts to a few 10 m/s and the fibrs are, in principle, infinitively long.
An interpretation could be that the world economy must grow in a sustainable way, over a base that infinitively supports the natural resources in use.
The model postulates two-country world inhabited by infinitively lived consumer-producers ((0, n) live in the Home country; (n, 1) in the Foreign country).
Human behaviour and motivations are infinitively interwoven with the environment, and anchored in history.
amp;c, have been solitary, inconsequential, timid things, in comparison with the audacious, bare-faced and sweeping pretensions to a system of law for the US without the adoption of their legislature, and so infinitively beyond their power to adopt.