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Synonyms for infinitesimal

Synonyms for infinitesimal

so minute as not to be discernible

Synonyms for infinitesimal

(mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit

infinitely or immeasurably small


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Off the coast of Canada, Brian explains how icebergs emerge due to a powerful yet infinitesimal force of nature.
Sauf que l'assistance est, s'agissant de Hamdi, [beaucoup moins que]triee sur le volet[beaucoup plus grand que], refletant sur le modele reduit voire infinitesimal, son propre auditoire.
The balance equilibrium of the infinitesimal element is scratched in Figure 9 in terms of the balance of the infinitesimal element for the anchor, the surrounding rock and soil mass, and the matrix together with the reinforcement in the Cartesian coordinate system, respectively; the equilibrium equation of vertical forces of the infinitesimal section in the failure region is expressed as follows based on the theory of limit equilibrium and the equation for rupture surface shape:
In Infinitesimal, the author weaves a historical drama, with all the intrigue of an adventure novel, set in the context of the mathematics of the infinitely small.
Their topics include terminology and definitions of dynamical systems, the Frobenius-Perron operator and infinitesimal generator, graph partition methods and their relationship to transport in dynamical systems, the topological dynamics perspective of symbol dynamics, and finite-time Lyapunov exponents.
But according to Erika Janik, homeopathy--the theory that sickness can be treated by ingesting infinitesimal doses of substances diluted in liquid--may deserve an infinitesimal measure of credit for advancing mainstream medicine.
by infinitesimal spreading that can't have motivation
The film follows six physicists from the scheduled startup of the Cern Large Hadron Collider to the discovery of the elusive Higgs boson (or "God particle"), the infinitesimal, hitherto hypothetical cornerstone of the whole field of particle physics, and a key ingredient in the creation of the universe.
The image can seem as delicately preserved as an artifact, while auguring a day when all images might be rendered in such infinitesimal detail, with infinite information.
El calculo infinitesimal constituye el logro matematico mas notable del siglo XVII.
is infinitesimal, since this expression is a first order expansion term, where we do tacitly suppose the vanishing of high order terms.
Astronomical public debts, which he did not incur and for which he cannot pay, continue to increase by acts of professional congressmen over whom he has but infinitesimal control.
This derivative does not take into account that in the infinitesimal time [DELTA]t the point moves to a different position along the yarn (i.
No one would wish anorexia on anyone, but the numbers suffering from it are infinitesimal in comparison with the one in four - or in some parts of the country, one in three - kids who are seriously overweight.