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Synonyms for inferno

Synonyms for inferno

any place of pain and turmoil

a very intense and uncontrolled fire

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Grown Rogue will also issue 900,000 common shares to Inferno Gardens based on milestones including signing of definitive agreement, production of 500 lbs of dried cannabis flower and achieving USD3,000,000.00 in top line revenue.
Confirming the development State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) Mr Femi Joseph, said the investigation had begun but said the command has not ascertained the cause of the inferno.
For adults 18 years an older in for a challenge, the free Inferno Fest Eating Contest will be back at 8 p.m.
Inferno goes through the motions as Langdon and Sienna uncover hidden messages in artworks and artefacts in a bid to avert mankind's darkest hour.
The answer is a big no; they are totally vulnerable and exposed to infernos of all kinds.
In the case, Rehman and Zubair were in custody whereas Hammad Siddiqui, the head of the MQM's Karachi Tanzimi Committee (KTC) and said to be prime culprit behind the inferno, was still on the run.
The handwritten books include scientific-looking diagrams of animals and plants alongside excerpts from "Inferno" and other texts.
Inferno has built its reputation for its unrivaled menu of offerings- the best of music, entertainment acts, lights, hospitality, safety, and most importantly, the food and beverages.
IN OUR HIGH SCHOOL, seniors do a cursory reading of Dante's Inferno midyear for the college preparatory classes.
The book, which is titled Inferno Squad, follows the story of an Empire unit that has been tasked with taking out Saw Gererra's Partisans cell.
Game developer Tomorrow Corporation has announced that "World of Goo," "Little Inferno" and "Human Resource Machine" will be available at the launch of the hybrid console.
A thumbprint-encoded vial in Langdon's pocket reveals the first clue of a globe-trotting treasure hunt involving Dante's Inferno and a plague engineered by Zobrist to solve the overpopulation crisis.
inferno (12a) HHH HH INFERNO opens with crazed scientist Bertrand Zobrist taking a backwards dive from a bell tower in Florence to escape the security forces led by Christoph Bruder.
Shogun Inferno,the new4K 60p high dynamic rangemonitor recorder from Atomos, is now shipping.
A secret group hatches a diabolical plan that puts lives in peril in Ron Howard's fast-paced 'Inferno,' sending staunch symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on a global hunt for information to prevent a catastrophe.