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How I pull my young Misses and myself out of our Infernal Region again, how my other business is done afterwards, how my little bit of dinner slides itself down my throat, I know no more than a man in the moon.
The most abundant and the most agreeable evidences of progressing life in Cloisterham are the evidences of vegetable life in many gardens; even its drooping and despondent little theatre has its poor strip of garden, receiving the foul fiend, when he ducks from its stage into the infernal regions, among scarlet-beans or oyster- shells, according to the season of the year.
The place, seen by its dim and uncertain light, appeared like the shades of the infernal regions, across which unhappy ghosts and savage demons were flitting in multitudes.
And far rather would I be condemned to a perpetual dwelling in the infernal regions than, even for one night, abide beneath the roof of Wuthering Heights again.
It is the lurid intermixture of the two that produces the illuminating blaze of the infernal regions.
I was surveying for a man the other day a single straight line one hundred and thirty-two rods long, through a swamp at whose entrance might have been written the words which Dante read over the entrance to the infernal regions,--"Leave all hope, ye that enter"--that is, of ever getting out again; where at one time I saw my employer actually up to his neck and swimming for his life in his property, though it was still winter.
Being on the edges of cultures far beyond their Indocentric world, Ramabai had a vantage point for cross-cultural criticism that would have made her home-bound readers wonder who inhabited the more infernal region.
Mapping the infernal regions of Hell and Purgatory with a geographer's precision, Botticelli takes the viewer on a journey of visceral, blood-curdling horror.
Juneteenth is a jazz novel--a succession of breaks from the in-chorus of the opening chapter to the end, when the Senator, in his mind, and perhaps in fact, about to die and enter the infernal regions, hears the consoling voice of Hickman calling from somewhere above.
Unfortunately, dad Walter Stratford (Larry Miller on top form) has banned Bianca from having a boyfriend until Kat gets one too, an event about as likely as the Infernal Regions suffering a chilly spell.