infernal machine

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a bomb that has a detonating mechanism that can be set to go off at a particular time


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Prozac, sitcoms, MP3 players, YouTube videos--they are all completely interchangeable devices by which the infernal machine exerts its insidious control.
Worcester, charged with possession of fireworks, amended from possession of an infernal machine, continued without a finding for 6 months, ordered to complete 20 hours of community service and to pay $50 victim witness fee; throwing, placing, or exploding explosives, vandalizing property, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and malicious explosion, dismissed.
The Haitian Suzy Castor declares in this article that we cannot ignore the infernal machine of the Duvalier dictatorship, finally ousted through popular resistance in 1986, partly through receiving the support of foreign countries, mainly The United States.
For others, itis an infernal machine from whose heights all of prior human civilization appears ant-like and small.
New work from three artists - Dave Griffiths, Martijn Hendriks and Stuart Croft - working with film in the show Infernal Machine.
Some are space-age ballets such as Eros Piano and The Infernal Machine, in which she coils and twines and twists in the most unexpected ways.
Other notable memories include a small part in Hamlet, starring Wendy Craig as Ophelia and playing Frank Bough's mother in Cocteau's Infernal Machine.
IN 2006, KEN JACOBS took a one-minute film produced in 1903 by Thomas Edison and made of it an infernal machine.
The first, Matthew Carr's The Infernal Machine, is the American edition of Unknown Soldiers: How Terrorism Transformed the Modern World, published last year in Great Britain.
Instead of the joys of pedal power, what really lures people to the infernal machine in their droves is the simple childish thrill of dressing up.
A small room offered eye-gougers, pliers for tearing off ears, a necklace of nails, an infernal machine for sawing people, racks for stretching those who dissented or even questioned, a spiked mace, an iron collar for garroting and other devices to make what Mel Gibson did to Christ seem like massage therapy.
The rapidly whirling plastic string of this infernal machine is used to trim away grass that grows up against tree trunks.
Top developers Lucasarts have dropped plans to release a PlayStation version of Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine.
Here, Shapiro reflects at large on the part Nietzsche has played in his academic career, only to observe that 'the Nietzsche industry is an infernal machine, as Nietzsche said of his sister and mother; it is merciless in its demand for new papers, new talks' (p.