inferiority complex

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a sense of personal inferiority arising from conflict between the desire to be noticed and the fear of being humiliated

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But Johnson, 26-year-old son of Glovers' boss Gary, promised there will be no inferiority complex.
Despite all this, residents of this fourth-biggest city in Canada have an inferiority complex, flogging themselves for being less cosmopolitan than Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.
The story is a simple one in its concept, comparing the growth of America with the growth of its artistic culture, but it belies an inferiority complex that is its emotional key.
AS a Scotsman who has no inferiority complex, I defended the new parliament building in terms of cost.
afford to develop a superiority complex about them - nor an inferiority complex either, mind you.
I HAVE always distanced myself from the huge inferiority complex we Scots have about our English neighbours, and believe in live and let live as we all have our faults.
I'm sure that most fair-minded Scots will have been extremely embarrassed with the likes of Tam Cowan, whose constant rants against England only served to demonstrate to the world that many Scots still have a massive inferiority complex with regards to their larger neighbour.
CSUN players, take note: The Titans didn't get an inferiority complex, they got fortitude.
Mr Ramsay may well, as he says, "have balls" but methinks his obnoxious behaviour stems from that well-known male affliction "Small Willie Syndrome", one of the symptoms of which is a massive inferiority complex.
THEY have the best pitch in the country and one of the best non-league bosses in Ireland - yet Malahide United may have an inferiority complex going into this game.
Wolverhampton Wanderers will adopt an inferiority complex as they attempt to make FA Cup progress tonight against a team 61 places below them in the Nationwide League, writes ROB BISHOP.
Klaus Augenthaler's Nuremburg, promoted in May, have been playing like a side with an inferiority complex but the gaffer believes the shackles are now off having finally broken their duck.
To baseball - and there's no doubt it has developed an inferiority complex when it comes to the NFL - the phrase has come to mean ``you never asked us about this when you signed the deal with the NFL 16 months ago if we'd be OK to move games to ESPN2, so if you do it now, it'll give you carte blanche to move games for anything else you consider important.
The city laughs along with jokes at its expense and has long since shed any inferiority complex.
An inferiority complex and aching limbs is not the ideal mixture to tackle Brisbane.