inferior pulmonary vein

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either of two pulmonary veins (left and right) returning blood from the inferior lobes of the lungs

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The caliber change between the common trunk and the inferior pulmonary vein was marked.
The inferior pulmonary vein should always be identified during left upper lobectomy.
2A) and venous drainage into the enlarged left inferior pulmonary vein was identified (Fig.
Thorax computed tomography revealed a connection between the inferior vena cava (IVC) and the right inferior pulmonary vein subdiaphragmatically, which was commented as the Scimitar syndrome (Fig.
The CACAF ablation strategy involved circumferential isolation of all pulmonary vein ostia and creation of two linear lesions, one along the isthmus between the left inferior pulmonary veins and the mitral annulus, the other in the right atrium between the inferior vena cava and tricuspid annulus.