inferior mesenteric artery

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arises near the lower end of the aorta and supplies the large intestine

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The conventional mesenteric angiography confirming total occlusion of the inferior mesenteric artery and necrotizing inflammation of the muscular arteries of the colonic wall on the pathological examination clarified the diagnosis of PAN.
Seventy-seven percent of these women had para-aortic nodal metastasis above the inferior mesenteric artery.
Sonographic diagnosis of inferior mesenteric artery aneurysm and marginal artery of Drummond.
There were enlarged lymph nodes along the Inferior mesenteric vein and at the origin of inferior mesenteric artery.
Renal/visceral angioplasty referred to balloon dilatation of major abdominal arteries emanating from the aorta, such as the celiac axis, superior mesenteric artery, inferior mesenteric artery, and renal arteries.
In the fetus, paraganglionic tissue is derived from pheochromoblasts, the largest concentration present at a level extending from either the root of the inferior mesenteric artery or the renal artery to the aortic bifurcation, known as the organ(s) of Zuckerkandl.
Other major vessels usually visualized are the celiac trunk, the superior mesenteric artery, the inferior mesenteric artery and the iliac bifurcation.
11), stenosis of inferior mesenteric artery and filling of collateral vessels, pancreatic arch and marginal artery of colon.
Chronic mesenteric ischemia is also known as "intestinal angina" and results from inadequate blood flow to the bowel, typically in the setting of underlying atherosclerotic disease in elderly patients causing significant occlusion or narrowing of the celiac axis, SMA, and/or inferior mesenteric artery.
The mass was dissected off the inferior mesenteric artery and aorta; a complete oncological resection was obtained.
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