inferior alveolar artery

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the alveolar artery that goes through the mandibular canal to supply the lower teeth

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There is still possibility to study of this canal in living subjects by introducing the dye into the inferior alveolar artery.
KEY WORDS: Inferior alveolar nerve, inferior alveolar artery, maxillary artery, infratemporal fossa.
Studies have shown that the mandibular bone in ORN patients, when compared to irradiated but nonosteoradionecrotic bone and to nonradiated bone, suggests that the inferior alveolar artery was obliterated or damaged to the extent that ischemia (low oxygen supply) occurred in the tissues in the area of distribution.
The artery in the RMC is the branch of inferior alveolar artery and the nerve derived from the inferior alveolar nerve (Kodera & Hashimoto, 1995; Capote et al.
Kodera & Hashimoto (1995) indicated that these foramina allow the anastomosis of the inferior alveolar artery with the buccal artery.