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in an infelicitous manner


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The true explanation, Eberstadt argues, inheres in what she infelicitously calls "the Family Factor.
Here Steyn calls for reforms, all of which begin infelicitously with the letter d: de-centralize, de-governmentalize, de-regulate, de-monopolize, de-complicate, de-credentialize, dis-entitle, de-normalize.
See also ALJAGHOUB, supra note 70, at 57 ("The Court observed that throughout its jurisprudence there had been cases where the wording of a request for an advisory opinion did not correspond to the 'true legal question' under consideration, or that 'the question put to the Court was, on the face of it, at once infelicitously expressed and vague.
Either because the translator/interpreter was unfamiliar with the epistemic context shared by the interlocutors or because he/she (un)voluntarily decided to adopt a verbatim mediation strategy, several terms and expressions were rendered infelicitously, thus paving the way for the investigation unit to incriminate the defendants and strive to construct a credible story of international terrorism.
In the case of the Agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments, 1987, the investor-state dispute settlement clause is infelicitously worded, but the intent seems clear enough.
Accounts of Fontenelle positioning him as infelicitously on the limits of various social groups fail to see the strength of this position.
61) Given that Virtue Promotion includes other profiles as well (especially expression), it might seem infelicitously named, but as promotion is the profile most relevant in this response to Johnson's objection, I hope the infelicity "will be forgiven.
Most often, overtures of translingual explanation end infelicitously, and yet provide important affective occasions for what Roman Jakobson called "phatic communion," as in the following scene between Ayten and Lotte after their first night sleeping together:
2) Division IA has been infelicitously renamed Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Division IAA is now Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), leaving the linguistical puzzle: why does the championship game occur in the FBS, and not the FCS?
In the infelicitously titled Belching Out the Devil, the British comic-turned-watchdog chronicles those atrocities, from death squads hired by a bottler in Colombia to assassinate unionists, to a water-hogging plant in drought-prone Rajasthan, India, to a rumored monopoly in Mexican groceries.
43) By inserting this strict proportionality requirement, he infelicitously attached a justificatory constraint to the defense of duress.
The ideological stance of Cornelius Friebott, so infelicitously exhibited in the book's title and therefore taken as the novel's message, is undermined and corroded in the course of his life, its last phase in particular.
The Holyrood exhibition catalogue, which will have a shelf life beyond the timescale of the show, goes further than Campbell in discussing more fully what are infelicitously described as 'mini-images'--the discreet, independent religious allegories disposed behind the main protagonists in the De Vries.
We are invited to consider whether the rationale behind Wordsworth's decision to replace the infelicitously cropped engraving from H.
Hare's infelicitously labeled distinction in Moral Thinking: Its Levels, Method and Point between "archangels" and "proles.