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  • verb

Synonyms for infect



  • contaminate
  • transmit disease to
  • spread disease to or among

Synonyms for infect

to have a destructive effect on

to make morally impure

Synonyms for infect

communicate a disease to

Related Words

contaminate with a disease or microorganism

affect in a contagious way

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Schistosomes are blood flukes, or flatworms, that infect people through the skin during the parasite's waterborne larval stage.
Zoonotic pathogens that infect domestic animals and wildlife hosts are more likely to emerge (5).
Typically an avian flu virus first infects pigs, then humans.
A virus attached to e-mail messages can infect an entire enterprise in a matter of minutes.
In at least one animal that SIV naturally infects, the sooty mangabey, it causes a very high viral load with little immune response, but does not hurt the animal.
(Reuters) - The outbreak of the Nimda computer worm, which has spread rapidly across the Internet, appeared to have peaked on Wednesday for the powerful server machines that drive the Web, but the number of infected PCs may never be known, computer security experts said.
Infects cows; related diseases attack sheep, humans
Other elderly people, especially those with weak immune systems, become newly infected with TB.
Only a limited number of SaV studies have been conducted, although most studies have shown that SaV infections are more frequent in young children than in adults and that nearly all children are infected by 5 years of age.
The enzyme, called lysin, prevented the death of most mice that the researchers had infected with a bacterial relative of B.
Essential for controlling intracellular pathogens, cell-mediated immunity involves lymphocyte recognition of cell-associated foreign antigens, followed by destruction of the infected host cells.
In West Africa, for example, Lassa virus infects 100,000 to 300,000 people per year, killing more than 5,000 annually.
When roused from its quiescent state, the virus can trigger the cells it infects to grow wildly, producing several kinds of cancer (SN: 2/18/95, p.
Some scientists theorize that this bird-flu strain may have a lower reproduction temperature, which might explain how it infects humans as well as birds.
CTFV can be isolated from blood because it is present in circulating erythrocytes for as long as 4 months (28), and it infects the hematopoietic progenitor cells and remains sheltered in erythrocytes after maturation.