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  • verb

Synonyms for infect



  • contaminate
  • transmit disease to
  • spread disease to or among

Synonyms for infect

to have a destructive effect on

to make morally impure

Synonyms for infect

communicate a disease to

Related Words

contaminate with a disease or microorganism

affect in a contagious way

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In this section, the dynamic respiration cycle is treated to be a steady exhalation for the infector and continuous inhalation for the co-occupant for simplicity, both with a breathing rate of 8.4 L/min (0.297 [ft.sup.3]/min) (Huang 1977), and the exhaled air temperature is 35[degrees]C (95[degrees]F).
Infector and susceptible occupants move through the indoor environment, and due to these movements, relative to each other, cough droplets can be released at several (1) distances, (2) postures, (3) positions around the susceptible occupant, and (4) relative orientations between the infector and susceptible occupants breathing zone.
Fungal foot infector in patients with diabetes mellitus- results of two independent investigators.
The worm generates an IP address and uses that IP address to communicate to potential victim, when the IP address is unused; the router returned an ICMP "Destination Unreachable" to infector computer [3] (see figure 1).
Third reason is that there is a decline in its reproductive efficiency because of the egg sheath infector."
The same booby-trapped website, which runs code to detect whether surfers are using Mac or Windows PCs, is a equal opportunity infector that also deploys code designs to infect Windows PCs using similar social-engineering trickery.
They go on further and classify them as File infector viruses, system or boot record viruses and macroviruses.
A polymorphic file infector claimed sixth place this month, and if that sounds dangerous, it is.
Trojan.Peed.Gen (aka the venerable Storm Worm) has recorded a significant 1.81 % of detections for April although this time around it is used as a dropped component for some other threat: A sign, maybe, that it has outlived its effectiveness as an infector and is used now only for the control functionality it provides to an attacker.
Our virus relates to the family of file infector viruses and is named "Avpo".
"We're pleased to learn that we detected 100% of viruses across the board, including in-the-wild, worms and bots, polymorphic, and file infector viruses," said Anton Zajac, CEO of ESET, LLC.
BitDefender said the Puce.G new P2P worm spreads and infects files through file-sharing software, while the newly listed Jeefo.A file infector is written in MinGW and uses encrypting technologies and can damage files beyond repair.
She further proposes that given such a mounting sense of estrangement "the anonymous AIDS infector might be preferable to the one we know and that public danger is far more desirable than danger in our homes" (140).
In the ensuing national media spectacle Williams was called everything from the "devil" to "boogeyman incarnate" to "super infector"--a riff on the then-popular "super predator" caricature for young, urban Black men.