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Synonyms for infective

able to cause disease

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caused by infection or capable of causing infection


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However, high AMF infectiveness does not always guarantee an improvement in plant growth (Carpio et al.
Michael Bluhm, a journalist at The Daily Star, says that the New York Times article was published to bring attention to the infectiveness of US sanctions' against Iran, stressing that "US companies and corporations are getting around the law through foreign [partners].
Therefore, the question with regard to the infectiveness of the mission is not only one of equipment or under-funding.
Collected aphids were identified and bioassayed to detect their BYDV infectiveness to new plants.
Further studies with longitudinally collected throat wash and saliva specimens from a larger number of SARS patients would help determine the onset and duration of infectiveness, extent of infectiveness of some patients, such as superspreaders, and the response to antiviral agents.