infective agent

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an agent capable of producing infection

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Mortality depends on patients' characteristics and co-morbidities at baseline, on aggressivity and response to antibiotic therapy of the infective agent.
seeberi, the possibility of a prolonged incubation period before development of clinical signs (epistaxis in 1 pony reported here did not occur until 10 months after importation) could lead to introduction of this infective agent, because lesions may not be apparent at the time of importation.
Infective agents are generally responsible for these signs and symptoms.
The polymers for the matrices must be compatible with the substrates to which the coating is applied, as well as with the selected agent and must not induce chemical reactions, which might alter chemical structure and potency of the anti infective agent.
Based on currently available evidence, close contact with an infected person poses the highest risk of the infective agent to spread from one person to a
In all pediatric age groups, the most likely infective agent is Staphylococcus aureus.
We still don't know if the infective agent is present in blood, we don't know at what stage it would become detectable in blood, and we don't even know that a positive test means that someone will develop vCJD in the future.
Each infective agent has its own virulence, and each individual has his/her own `host factors' which determine that person's susceptibility to infection.
The same surgical instruments used on her were used for a further seven deliveries putting these women at risk because of a small chance the CJD infective agent can survive sterilisation methods.
HIV is able to incorporate a key protein in that self-protection mechanism, CD59, and by doing so makes itself appear to be one of the body's normal cells, not an infective agent.
Later, the infective agent was transmitted back to humans consuming meat products such as beefburgers.
FSIS has announced the availability of its current thinking paper on possible actions to minimize human exposure to products that could contain the infective agent that causes bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
Yes there are many different strains of the infective agent and some genetic lines of sheep may not succumb to one strain but may be susceptible to another.
The same surgical instruments were used for a further seven deliveries, putting these women at risk because of a small chance the CJD infective agent survives sterilisation methods.