infective agent

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an agent capable of producing infection

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As disease processes and immuno-logical interactions are better understood for each infective agent, a picture is emerging of the essential cellular and humoral components required for an effective protective or a sterilizing response.
Mortality depends on patients' characteristics and co-morbidities at baseline, on aggressivity and response to antibiotic therapy of the infective agent. Being an inhomogenous syndrome, IE mortality needs to be evaluated by subgroups.
The causal relationship between the infective agent for the prodromal illness and peripheral nerve damage is not known.
seeberi, the possibility of a prolonged incubation period before development of clinical signs (epistaxis in 1 pony reported here did not occur until 10 months after importation) could lead to introduction of this infective agent, because lesions may not be apparent at the time of importation.
Our researches led to a stark, yet inescapable conclusion: at the very least some component of the infective agent responsible for the 1918-1919 outbreaks of a lethal brand of influenza fell directly through the skies.
She added that in her opinion Christopher's death was 'unascertained' and that in the case of Harry she knew 'of no infective agent that causes death as rapidly as this'.
The clinical goal in treating an URTI is to prevent any further complications, especially when the infective agent is bacterial in nature; and to do no harm while alleviating symptoms and providing comfort.
Tom Hauge, chief of the DNR's wildlife division, says "If anything, [this new research] puts an exclamation point on the need to reduce the number of deer in the CWD-infected areas, so less infective agent will be deposited on the landscape."
After a coating liquid is applied on a medical device surface, solvents are allowed to evaporate, leaving a thin film consisting of the polymers with uniformly dispersed anti infective agent. The thin film of polymer acts as a reservoir for a sustained release of anti infective agents over an appropriate period at an effective concentration.
Margolles's works function as an infective agent. Long after a visit to the gallery, breathing remains difficult, one's skin remembering again and again.
# Based on currently available evidence, close contact with an infected person poses the highest risk of the infective agent to spread from one person to a
In all pediatric age groups, the most likely infective agent is Staphylococcus aureus.
''Preliminary investigations by the Pathology Department at the Singapore General Hospital and the Defense Medical Research Institute have identified the likely infective agent to belong to the paramyxovirus family,'' it said.
We still don't know if the infective agent is present in blood, we don't know at what stage it would become detectable in blood, and we don't even know that a positive test means that someone will develop vCJD in the future."