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in a contagious manner


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Fyfe has one of the coolest names, finest voices and plays in one of the most infectiously joyous bands in British music.
Children are encouraged to sing and dance along with the infectiously catchy music, sure to lift spirits and widen smiles.
Two years ago, Christopher D Salyers's Face Food brought the curious, cute and infectiously popular phenomenon of charaben, or character bento boxes, into homes across the globe.
Infectiously quirky and brimming with optimism, Brilliant Trees cards send a positive message of peace, love and acceptance to the universe.
With branding consultancy Big Fish at the creative strategic helm, and a likeable and infectiously enthusiastic founder in James Averdieck, here was a brand that was destined to make a stir.
The infectiously upbeat attitude and user-friendly instructions effectively make Dance Lessons 101 a top-of-the-line private classroom.
Merritt served in the Red Cross during the war, and her infectiously ebullient cheer helped lift the spirits all around her.
As singer, songwriter, primary musician, and producer, Darren whips up an infectiously frothy and positive musical confection.
The acts (such as Betty Winn and One A-Chord, the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church Choir, Higher Dimensions of Praise and the Lighthouse Gospel Singers) are impossibly, infectiously high-energy, the voices soar, and your spirit swells.
You can hear Sister Marva Leach laughing infectiously as she prepares punch for the church anniversary repast in Detroit, Michigan.
When describing his contribution to Aichi 2005, Kiyonori Kikutake displays an infectiously youthful enthusiasm, and is clearly proud of his Global Loop; the elevated boardwalk that twists its way through the site.
Baffert is infectiously upbeat about his own horses, however, both of whom did a routine gallop yesterday after excelling on Monday in their
For sheer feel-good confirmation of the indie spirit, Sundance offered nothing more infectiously bracing than two documentaries about underclass urban subcultural vitality: Stacy Peralto's Dogtown and Z-Boys, about skateboarding's most innovative and influential teenage crew, and Doug Pray's Scratch, about the history and musical vitality of hands-on-vinyl hip-hop or "turntableism.
So she got a new job, became involved in her parish, and revived her old, infectiously joyful spirit.