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Synonyms for infectious

Synonyms for infectious

capable of transmission by infection

Synonyms for infectious

caused by infection or capable of causing infection


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easily spread

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s little white man-of-all-work coming into the room broke the spell, and I walked out of the house with a sort of dazed fear that delirium tremens might be infectious.
The simple-hearted Marya Yevgenyevna simply roared with laughter at everything absurd the prince said, and his jokes made Varenka helpless with feeble but infectious laughter, which was something Kitty had never seen before.
More talk, more time for the development of infectious influences--in my room, too-- remember that, in my room!
He waved his horrid hand at me--he struck his infectious breast-- he addressed me oratorically, as if I was laid up in the House of Commons.
That means that when a waste contains both hazardous and infectious components, the rules for dealing with hazardous waste override those for handling infectious waste.
Since then, medical waste in general and infectious waste in particular have been the focus of public debate, government legislation, and municipality concern.
Global Markets Direct's "Infectious Immunology Test Reagents Clinical Trials Analysis" is an essential source of data and information pertaining to product clinical trials being carried out by Infectious Immunology Test Reagents manufacturers, globally.
These immunologic changes may alter susceptibility to and severity of infectious diseases in pregnant women.
One of HRI's program areas centers on building awareness of emerging infectious diseases.
The United Nations health organization issued a report today warning that more money must be spent globally to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases and stem the tide of nearly 50,000 deaths these diseases cause daily.
A new study of death certificates shows that from 1980 to 1992, death from infectious disease increased by 58 percent; another study indicates that infections caused by a strain of streptococcus bacteria resistant to penicillin-the first line of pharmaceutical defense-increased by 14 percent from 1991 to 1994.
Infectious Disease Diagnostics Markets, provides comprehensive analysis of market drivers, restraints, challenges, and trends.
We realize that the accomplishments of the center and its derivative agencies are vast and that to give them full recognition would require far more space in Emerging Infectious Diseases than might be feasible.
For a few exhilarating decades in the middle of the twentieth century, it seemed the world might have a reprieve from some major infectious diseases.
The answer to that simple query torments researchers looking for the infectious agent that causes illnesses such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the human brain and similar disorders in sheep, cows, and other animals.
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