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not capable of being carried out or put into practice

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In this paper, we have applied evolutionary approaches to data flow testing for the generation and infeasible detection of test paths.
Looking at mathematical constructions that are foundational in pattern recognition as an important area of data mining, Gainanov focuses especially on infeasible systems of linear inequalities, whose generalized solutions act as building blocks of geometric decision rules for recognition.
2] are large prime numbers, it is computationally infeasible to decide if x [member of] [G.
It is common to see designers spending large amounts of computational resources in evaluating infeasible designs mainly because either the algorithms take time to get to the feasible regions of the design space, or no feasible designs are obtained after all the allowed optimization iterations.
However, after the power flow computation with control variables reported in these references, those results can be considered as infeasible or incorrect solutions.
However, binary string representation is usually blamed for the high probability of generating infeasible solutions when applied by many searching algorithms such as SA or PSO.
His appeal said the company will defend itself on the basis of employee misconduct, that compliance was infeasible or impossible, and that compliance would have resulted in greater hazards than non compliance.
Netherlands-based Radio Zamaneh reported the managing director of pipelines said the presence of bandits in the area makes such investments in the region infeasible.
Analysts are convinced that with the end of the PDSH Congress, Menduh Thaci will remain leader and that the "appetites" of Zijadin Sela are infeasible.
It is said that Yemen is a new battlefield for Iran and Saudi Arabia, now that the power struggle north of the peninsula is becoming increasingly fruitless and logistically infeasible.
He said that due to law & order and terrorism has made investment infeasible in their province and all industrial units are closed.
These routes proved to be infeasible as the number of passengers from/to these destinations has declined.
Bearing in mind that the champions lost 1-0 at home to Everton on Wednesday, and that today they must do without the services of the suspended Wayne Rooney, it is not infeasible that Loic Remy could repeat his feat at Tottenham and score the only goal of the game, in which case backers will reap the rewards at 135/1.
I then estimate two- and three-factor models with longer-maturity data sets to illustrate that my ZLB framework can readily be applied in circumstances that would be computationally burdensome or infeasible within the Black framework.
The European Commission's proposal to regulate money market funds (MMFs), which is currently on the agenda of the European Parliament's Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), has been dismissed as "economically infeasible, operationally complex and impracticable" by ICI Global, a trade organisation focused on regulatory, market and other issues for global investment funds.