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the quality of not being doable

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For instance, in the analysis for solution infeasibility from random samples, the linearity of the regression model can be enhanced, through replacing the raw data by their ranks, indicated by the significantly increased [R.
Physico-chemical treatments of pulp and paper wastewater were mentioned in literature but none of them is industrially applicable due to cost limitation and infeasibility of the processes.
Revised DEMATEL: resolving the infeasibility of DEMATEL, Applied Mathematical Modelling 37(10-11): 6746-6757.
The defense of it faces objections familiar to human rights theory such as undue burdensomeness, unclaimability, and infeasibility, as well as some less familiar objections such as illiberality, intolerability, and ideals of the family.
Mocsary, Note, Explaining Away the Obvious: The Infeasibility of Characterizing the Second Amendment as a Nonindividual Right, 76 FORDHAM L.
These include the infeasibility of charity as pedagogy; the limitations of good intentions; the pernicious nature of racism; isolation and invisibility; and the certainty that some children are always left behind.
A defendant, for example, could easily rebut the application of the doctrine and monopolization charges by showing the financial infeasibility of allowing access to its tangible or intangible assets, (252) or even a pro-competitive business justification for this refusal that is grounded in evidence.
On the other hand large agriculture sector is difficult to tax because of large share of subsistence and politically infeasibility, and reduction in need of public goods and services which are urban based.
Bulgaria decided to build a seventh unit at its existing nuclear power plant in Kozloduy after the government quit the project for the construction of a second N-plant in Belene on the grounds of its economic infeasibility.
But when Stephen Jay Gould saw Jurassic Park, his concerns about stereotypical characterizations and the scientific infeasibility of the plot were offset by something close to awe:
The Superior Court of Orange County in the 2002 VOC limits case held that SCAQMD had properly interpreted the California statutory standard of "best available retrofit control technology," or BARCT, in selecting VOC limits for the coatings despite the record demonstrating the infeasibility of the VOC limits for many coatings applications.
The court held that because EPA had specifically promulgated an affirmative defense in its FIP, facilities would know the requirements necessary to establish an infeasibility defense.
How does it explain the feasibility of capitalism as an economic system, and the infeasibility of socialism?
This highlights an ERM benefit--if managed in silos, individual decisions may lead (through interactivity with other risks) to decisions incompatible with global corporate strategic goals; however, infeasibility in the ERM model can highlight such incompatibilities and bring those to the attention of the decision makers.