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localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply

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In this case, CT was used to diagnose an infarcted splenule.
The timing of implementation of anti-remodeling strategies is important, as the prevention of topographic LV alterations by early treatment appears more effective, as opposed to their reversal in established chronic heart failure; for example, higher efficacy was demonstrated after early (7 days), compared to delayed (2 months) alginate implantation in infarcted rat hearts [3].
The team showed that the creatine CEST method can map changes in creatine levels, and pinpoint infarcted areas in heart muscle tissue, just as MRS methods can.
The cardioprotective effects of a combination of quercetin and alpha-tocopherol on isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarcted rats.
Without these essential factors, a part of the muscle is infarcted or dies.
To help prevent heart attacks, a 10-12th grade team from San Jose, CA, suggested Immunotargeted DNA-based Nanostructures for the Delivery of the Pro-Angiogenic VEGF Protein to Revascularize Infarcted Myocardium, a DNA nanostructure delivery system that would administer a beneficial VEGF protein directly to the patient's heart.
Intraoperative assessment revealed an infarcted volvulus segment of small bowel with twisted mesentery and proximal obstruction.
We therefore devised a eukaryotic expression screen for genes expressed in the infarcted mouse heart that encode activators of the GDF15 promoter.
The negative clinical history, macroscopic characteristics, and overall morphology raised the differential diagnostic consideration of an infarcted leiomyoma as well as other infarcted mesenchymal neoplasms.
This procedure has no known side-effects and reduced the extent of the infarcted tissue; benefit was seen even in infarcts sustained by patients who were very rapidly transferred to the emergency room for PCI, following the onset of symptoms, by the efficient ambulance service that Denmark enjoys.
Unfortunately, the left parietal area became infarcted, as confirmed by diffusion restriction or hypointensity on apparent diffusion coefficient (Figure 3) and hyperintensity on diffusion weighted imaging on the same MRI scan (not shown).
35-37) Indeed, these findings have led to the use of bone marrow implantation as a means of "therapeutic angiogenesis" in various clinical circumstances, mostly involving revascularization of infarcted myocardium.
In preclinical trials, a simple intracoronary infusion of Mesoblast's off-the-shelf MPCs increased the number of blood vessels in the infarcted region, prevented scar formation, and significantly improved heart muscle function after a heart attack, preventing heart failure.
Over the course of his hospital stay, however, his small bowel became ischemic and eventually infarcted.