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localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply

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All patients underwent MRI to determine infarct and perfusion volume.
CT signs of acute infarct usually include gray-white matter blurring and sulcal edema.
After the initial observation of the significant improvement in infarct size achieved by RNS60 treatment, we are now diving deep into the mechanism of action behind this effect," said Revalesio's Andreas Kalmes, Ph.
Specific loss of miR-29b at the infarct site after stroke leads to neuronal cell death.
The authors searched for causes of thrombophilia in their patient because of splenic infarct, without evaluation of the fibrinolytic system.
1 a & b show enlarged spleen with a large non-enhancing hypoattenuating area involving the anterior aspect of spleen consistent with splenic infarct.
An infarct in the subcortical gray matter was the only significant predictor of verbal memory in a multivariate logistic regression equation that accounted for 17% of the patient sample's variance in verbal memory.
Two hours after the last dose, each main group was subdivided to MCAO operated and intact subgroup for assessment of neuropathology (neurologic deficit scores and infarct volume), brain lipid analysis and brain glutathione levels respectively.
Patients with the largest infarct size were those whose heart attacks occurred in the dark-to-light transition period between 6am and noon.
In our study, we found that combination treatment with Tan IIA and BMSCs significantly alleviated the infarct size when compared with control group (31.
The infarct location and volume were assessed by 2 independent observers as described previously (19-23).
Using a coronary artery ligation model in the rat we examine the effects of 17[beta]-estradiol on cellular hypertrophy in remodeling myocardium remote to the infarct zone.
The main results were at least threefold: an improvement in global left ventricular function by 15%, infarction wall movement velocity rose 57%, and there was a significant reduction of infarct size by 30%," Strauer said.