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As Bill explained it, "Humor is really laughing off a hurt, grinning at misery." The trigger-pullers knew he cartooned for them, not for the folks back home or to please his superior officers, whom he often treated with the infantryman's irreverence; not cruelly or unjustly, but poking them when they needed pokin'.
Last night, the city's Lord Provost Donald Wilson offered his condolences to the infantryman's family.
Durham Light Infantryman, Private Joseph Nicholls, 17, of Ryton, was one of 73,000 soldiers who died in the bloody First World War battle, and his body was never found.
So far, more than pounds 10,000 has been raised by outraged townsfolk in the wake of the theft of the statue, a Boer War infantryman.
While the author was an MP instead of an infantryman and therefore believes himself possibly fortunate not seen any actual combat, his book is not really about the fighting in Vietnam; it's a story of the author, his dad, Per, Mai, and Phuong--and it's a story well worth reading.
Major Andrew Ward said: "He had the exemplary character that we have come to expect from the British infantryman: he was tough, resilient, liked a laugh, cheeky, but above all a professional.
A recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star, two Purple Heart medals, Combat Infantryman's Badge and Presidential Unit Citation, Mansfield was medically retired in September 1968, about the time he was celebrating his 28th birthday.
The average infantryman carries 85 pounds of gear into battle, according to officials at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga.
Perhaps it takes someone like Paul Fussell, a poet and a literary historian and--not incidentally--a combat infantryman, to peer into the minds of those who have lived through the ultimate experiences of their lives before the age of 21.
He was also awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge and the Parachutist Badge.
I've been an infantryman for almost 20 years, and I got my CIB the hard way.
Now Carlo Orelli, who called himself ``the last infantryman'', has gone and with him is lost Italy's only living testament of what it was like in the trenches in those times when columns of the morning papers were filled with the names of the dead.
Eads has developed an equipment concept tailored to the new demands made on the armed forces, wherewith the infantryman is equipped with a ballistics-protective vest, nuclear, biological and chemical protection, night vision equipment and digital navigation and communication equipment as well as improved armament.
An old infantryman once said that the expert infantryman badge (EIB) "is a mark of a man." The coveted EIB is a uniform accoutrement that all infantrymen aspire to attain.
Army as a light weapons infantryman in South Vietnam, I knew then that I wanted to continue to serve our nation in some capacity.