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Synonyms for infantine

of or like a baby

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repeated Toby, using his right-hand muffler like an infantine boxing-glove, and punishing his chest for being cold.
They know our infantine dispositions, which, however they may be afterwards modified, are never eradicated; and they can judge of our actions with more certain conclusions as to the integrity of our motives.
When he hears his mother singing to the new baby, the voice of his mother calls him to that earliest self and the infantine fullness of self, though this fullness is not available to him, because the death of his mother represents the death into narrative.
The infantine moral is influenced by parenting and family socialization.
Waterville Valley, is the organization's new president, and Will Infantine, president of Manchester-based Aspen Insurance Agency is the new associate vice president.
The state of New Hampshire insurance community can never repay Tom for his lifetime of hard work and dedication to the industry" said Will Infantine, NHAIA chairman.
Auden suspected something even deeper--some unwritten, unprocessed trauma packed into the infantine "cry" of Lyric LIV.
European Preauricular sinus, nephrolithiasis, infantine eczema and natal tooth: a new association.
Ruskin concludes that 'a highly accomplished artist has always reduced himself as nearly as possible to this condition of infantine sight.
202: Half the air in a given space, 1998, whose Robert Barry-esque ineffability (compare that artist's designation as works, in 1969, of quantities of inert gases released into the atmosphere) is belied by the infantine delight of seeing it embodied by thousands of party balloons.
For the Americas and Asia inquiries and press kits, please contact Maria Infantine at maria@innsbruckrecords.
births, by the mortality in infantine life, by the large proportion
This condition is shown by the preponderance of female births; by the mortality in infantine life; by the large proportion of the aluminous and gelatinous types of constitution; and by the striking uniformity of the facial expression.
She writes, "The sweetbreads are gone, black kidneys / Infantine and nacred as mollusk-eggs.