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an abnormal condition in which an older child or adult retains infantile characteristics

infantile behavior in mature persons

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Just as Haecker had noted the intellectual infantilism of his compatriots in their submission to National Socialism, Stein here names an equivalent phenomenon of atrophied spiritual powers as the problem to which her study of the dark night attends.
Risorgimento discourses resonate with laments about Italian infantilism, lack of political education, the inability of Italians to understand and rebel against the legacies of Italy's centuries-long history of oppression.
We made a diagnosis of Swyer's syndrome for this patient because she was a normal statured girl with primary amenorrhea, with clinical features of sexual infantilism, whose genotype was pure XY.
By deifying Tagore and Ray, Bengalis have incarcerated the two artists in a prison- house of infantilism. Any deviation from set norms of reading Tagore and Ray is considered a blasphemy.
Surely, it was the double demands of his life, the curiosity for company, the furious clowning, the infantilism, the immediate and instant affection (exactly the stuff that can irritate quieter more diligent writers and critics), that fuelled his most vivid verse.
Macedonia seems like experimental laboratory, to prove how long a country would persist based on Macedonian political infantilism and on Albanian political ignorance.
It has dramatized environmentalism's descent into infantilism.
However, as my undergraduate lecturer used to comment: "Junk in, Junk out", for because the number of research categories necessarily has limits set by the researcher (drawing upon researched [logical positivist] literature), other sexualities such as asexuality, BDSM (7)/Kink, infantilism. etc., would be missed as they had been absent from the literature.
But, oh, man, we're already running into trouble with Yorke ("Masters of Sex"), who looks like a Kewpie doll (did we mention that William Ivey Long did the costumes?), but whose ear-splitting shrieks and squeals are a dead giveaway that she hasn't a clue about the inherently selfish infantilism that makes girls like Olive so devastatingly sexy to powerful old guys with pots of money.
CAH should be considered in infants, children or adolescents with ambiguous genitalia, sexual infantilism, hypogonadism or hypertension, particularly when associated with disturbed water, electrolytes and hydrogen homeostasis.
Wisely choosing to set aside a reading of these texts' anality as a sign of repressed infantilism (cultural or otherwise), Stockton instead sees the excremental as an inevitably present, often feminized figure for wit in early modern discourse.
Patients with a deletion of the long arm of X chromosome from Xq13 to Xq26 have sexual infantilism, normal stature, no somatic abnormalities and streak gonads.[6] Majority of our patients had a similar clinical presentation.