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Adler seceded from him because he rejected the Freudian libido theory, uniquely based on infantile sexuality, He was impressed by the teachings of the then popular philosopher Nietzsche, who idolised the 'will to power' (Wille zur Macht) theory.
This was not the result of Freud's rediscovery of infantile sexuality: eighteenth and nineteenth century writers were all too gloomily aware of the sexual drives of infants and children, especially boys, deplored them, and sought means to stamp them out.
The Poe connection is detectable in the work's hallucinatory and melancholic tone, tainted by a more contemporary note of repulsive infantile sexuality. Wearing summery pajamas, and made up as if they'd raided mommy's cosmetics, the dancers come across like a gang of blankly naughty overgrown children whose decadent behavior is reducing them to wobble-headed automatons.
(10.) Sigmund Freud, 'Infantile Sexuality', in Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, trans.
Foucault, who was already known in America, looked on while his paper on infantile sexuality, an attack on radical academics who mistook their verbal pronouncements against repression for political action, was read aloud by a friend in English.
Jews, he points out, have been responsible for communism, infantile sexuality and the atomic bomb.
When he agrees to speak with a journalist, Danny defines even the most eminent Jews -- Marx, Freud and Einstein -- for having foisted "communism, infantile sexuality and the atom bomb" upon the world.
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