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a person who murders an infant

murdering an infant

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html the question before the Court was: is infanticide both an offence and a partial defence to a murder charge, or is it exclusively an offence that may, in some cases, be an included offence in a charge of murder to be considered if, and only if the Crown fails to prove murder?
The myths surrounding traditional notions of Irish sexual purity have come under scrutiny in recent years and the chapters on infanticide contribute to understandings of Irish sexual culture.
In the past few years, LEAF says, there has been "an emerging trend of the Crown charging women who have killed their newly born children with murder as opposed to infanticide.
Infanticide is assumed to be an adaptive behavioral strategy in response to intense competition for resources (Hrdy, 1979; Mallory and Brooks, 1980; Wolff and Cicirello, 1989; Wolff, 1993; Agrell et al.
In France, 230 women a year discover their pregnancy only while giving birth, although only a fraction resort to infanticide.
As the Whitley case demonstrates, infanticide is not merely a
The first episode sees Alice uncover the disturbing story of the Hambleden infanticide and the discovery of 97 murdered babies buried beneath a field in Buckinghamshire.
Mothers may also exhibit behavioral changes that increase the likelihood of their offspring's survival; they often become more secretive and intolerant of other species and conspecifics, which may further reduce the risk of predation, disease transmission and infanticide (Butynski, 1982; Ebensperger, 1998).
Warsaw and Dublin completed the top five in the list, which looked at murder, manslaughter and infanticide.
Working from the knowledge that infanticide is of the natural order, the contributors of these 25 classic articles show when and why animals and humans kill embryonic or newly hatched/born members of their own species.
The county is one of the top regions nationwide for the number of homicides - including infanticide - according to the Office of National Statistics.
Spirit Children: Illness, Poverty, and Infanticide in Northern Ghana
In this survey of the usual suspects of homicide and assault along with the gendered crimes of infanticide and abortion, he provides carefully researched accounts and case studies that help to redefine our metropole-centered views of these crimes (111-208).
The 'holy' and 'great' Vedas explicitly sanction the practice of female infanticide.