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Synonyms for infancy

Synonyms for infancy

the state or period of being under legal age

Synonyms for infancy

the early stage of growth or development

the earliest state of immaturity


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Separated since infancy from his parents, whom he had hardly known; cloistered and immured, as it were, in his books; eager above all things to study and to learn; exclusively attentive up to that time, to his intelligence which broadened in science, to his imagination, which expanded in letters,--the poor scholar had not yet had time to feel the place of his heart.
This gentleman had in his youth married a very worthy and beautiful woman, of whom he had been extremely fond: by her he had three children, all of whom died in their infancy.
Father, if you had known, when we were last together here, what even I feared while I strove against it - as it has been my task from infancy to strive against every natural prompting that has arisen in my heart; if you had known that there lingered in my breast, sensibilities, affections, weaknesses capable of being cherished into strength, defying all the calculations ever made by man, and no more known to his arithmetic than his Creator is, - would you have given me to the husband whom I am now sure that I hate?
It is obvious that, having devoted herself from infancy to this one pursuit and study, Miss Brass could know but little of the world, otherwise than in connection with the law; and that from a lady gifted with such high tastes, proficiency in those gentler and softer arts in which women usually excel, was scarcely to be looked for.
Those cast in bronze are painted white, imparting a kin of milky patina evoking infancy.
Foundling children were adopted well after they had passed through the perils of infancy.
d) The Infancy Narratives are "little preoccupied with historical fact" (163); they were "never intended to be biographical; .
While the effort is still in its infancy, the goal is to convert the dumb order-taking computer into a thinking problem solver.
Chapter 15: Infancy research, policy, and practice (Marguerite Barratt and Erica Fener, The George Washington University).
Contract notice: Provision of ecological exchange disposable institutions infancy.
15, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The momentous third and final book in the Pope's international best-selling Jesus of Nazareth series illuminates how the stories of Jesus' infancy and childhood are as relevant today - speaking to the restlessness of the human heart and leading us to profound joy - as they were two thousand years ago will be published in the United States and Canada on November 21, 2012, by Image Books, the Catholic-interest imprint of Random House, Inc.
Elisabetta Palagi and Giada Cordoni from the University of Pisa, Italy, found that chimpanzee solitary play peaks in infancy, while the time spent in social play was relatively constant between infants and juveniles.
Larry Felder, UAV Battlelab commander at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, visited Edwards during the UAV symposium to talk about a UAV project in its infancy stages.
From infancy, we wonder about how things work and why things are and then experiment to learn more.
But because the disorder's frequency has been increasing, they suspect that exposure during pregnancy and infancy to mercury-containing compounds, halogenated aromatics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals such as the seizure medication valproic acid, and even vaccine additives may alter the degree to which genetic factors are expressed.