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Synonyms for infallible

Synonyms for infallible

such as could not possibly fail or disappoint

Antonyms for infallible

incapable of failure or error


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I still stick to my belief that nothing or no one is infallible.
There are errors in dogmatic assessment: Kung regularly confuses defined dogmas, which are infallible, with authentic teaching, which is not.
Graham Patterson (Letters, Bible is infallible, Oct.
The head of the Infallible Imams Jurisprudence Center, Ayatollah Mohammad-Javad Fazel-Lankarani, said Saturday, "From the standpoint of Islamic jurisprudence such an act of marriage is disgraceful.
THESupreme Court isn't infallible, which is why the institution of the ' review petition' exists.
But whereas Silko's novel celebrates desert myths as the infallible source of wisdom, Al-Koni's text regards the desertas a stimulus for Sufi quest.
Villegas article titled "Infallible teaching on artificial contraceptives" (Inquirer, 10/20/12).
Summary: Quran and Hadith, the two authentic and infallible sources of Islamic teachings, are strong enough to give perfect answers and guide humanity to the truth while accepted scientific equations are undergoing major changes.
Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that thank God, the Islamic Republic of Iran is at the heights of glory citing examples from history of Islam and victories of Imam Ali (AS), the first Imam of the Messenger of Allah Hazrate Muhammad (PBUH) Infallible Household in fighting the enemy.
So my taxi driver friend probably thought he was putting me on the spot when he asked, "Is the Bible infallible?" I knew we were only four minutes' driving time from home, so I had to be brief.
Kudos to Kevin Considine for his "Is there a list of infallible teachings?" (Glad You Asked, June).
Ljupco Popovski from Utrinski vesnik says that for entire five years a story is being created that PM Gruevski is an infallible manager of the political processes, that he knows how to destroy his political opponents and that he succeeded to make his VMRO-DPMNE blindly obey him.