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Inextricably mixed in dreamy confusion, her mind seemed to enter into communion, to be delightfully expanded and combined with the spirit of the whitish boards on deck, with the spirit of the sea, with the spirit of Beethoven Op.
A few more moves, and I was inextricably entangled in the snare of my antagonist.
I rose the next morning, with Objective-Subjective and Subjective-Objective inextricably entangled together in my mind; and I began the day which was to witness my next effort at practical action of some kind, by doubting whether I had any sort of right (on purely philosophical grounds) to consider any sort of thing
In both his life and his poetry his visionary reforming zeal and his superb lyric instinct are inextricably intertwined.
It had been inextricably involved in his mind with an atmosphere of stuffy schoolrooms and general misery, for it had been his misfortune that his budding mind was constitutionally incapable of remembering who had been Queen of England at the time of the Spanish Armada--a fact that had caused a good deal of friction with a rather sharp-tempered governess.
Everywhere, all over the world, the historian,of the early twentieth century finds the same thing, the flow and rearrangement of human affairs inextricably entangled by the old areas, the old prejudices and a sort of heated irascible stupidity, and everywhere congested nations in inconvenient areas, slopping population and produce into each other, annoying each other with tariffs, and every possible commercial vexation, and threatening each other with navies and armies that grew every year more portentous.
At the core of my concern is the fact that the process by which we implement monetary policy is inextricably entwined with the policy itself.
However, the Court noted the taxpayer's success was largely a function of the manner in which the government litigated the case: Its strategy was designed to show that, as a legal matter, CBIs and goodwill are inextricably intertwined; it did not attempt to impugn the taxpayer's expert witnesses regarding their views on CBIs' useful lives.
Education is essential for improving the capacity of these people to address environmental and developmental issues which are inextricably tied to sustainable development.
The characters in Red, Yellow, Green are inextricably tied to the idea of a nation.
Major General Sharpe states in his letter: "I intend to ensure the traditions, heritage, history and lineage of the Staffordshire Regiment, and of all of its antecedent parts, are inextricably wound into the newly constituted two regular battalions, and into the Fourth (TA) Battalion too, in the same way the heritage of the other constituent parts of the Mercian Regiment will also be wound.
It's common in the state of Kentucky, which is inextricably linked with bluegrass music.
The building is inextricably inked to the famous claret and blue as members of the original church on site, Aston Villa Methodist Church, founded Aston Villa Football Club in 874.
The rise of rampant consumerism in the West was inextricably linked to, and based on, the exploitation of people in the poorer parts of the East.