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not extensile

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Dynamic response of inextensible beams by improved energy balance method, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part K: Journal of Multi-body Dynamics, 225(1): 6673.
Let [PHI] be the woven composite fabric modeled by two families (warp and weft) of mutually orthogonal and inextensible fibre described by the local coordinates x = ([xi], [eta]).
The tube foot can be modeled as a right circular cylinder wrapped by a single turn of an inextensible helical fiber.
The brachial circumference was measured using a Seca[R] inextensible tape measure, and the tricipital skinfold thickness was measured with a Lange[R] caliper.
(4), with an inextensible metallic tape (Cescorf, Porto Alegre--RS, Brazil) with a 0.1 cm precision.
The parallel structure (Fig.1) with 3 prismatic and 6 universal joints in 3-PUU configuration, with 3 inextensible shafts allows only three degree of freedom along the Ox, Oy, Oz axes (Gregorio & Parenti, 1999).
The inextensible steel belt rotates from its bias angle towards the tire circumferential direction.
The waist circumference (WC) was measured with the student standing, arms relaxed along the body sides, at the midpoint between the lower margin of the last rib and the iliac crest (13) on the horizontal plane with the aid of an inextensible tape (Sanny Medical[R]).
During vehicle operation at high speeds, centrifugal force will stretch the tire belting, causing the inextensible steel belt cords to rotate from their bias angle toward the tire circumferential direction.
2) who originally suggested an expression to account for the inextensible carbon black particles, a modification by F.
Electronically, the system is equipped with an inextensible cable, a 2.0 Kw linear actuator, and a gauge-strain system attached to a cable that, together with a strength sensor, controls tension, detects force, and relays corresponding signals to the control monitor.
WC and NC were measured using a 200 cm inextensible tape measure with 0.1 cm variation.
The tire includes two inextensible annular bead structures for attachment to a vehicle rim, a carcass-like structure having at least one reinforced ply, the carcass-like structure being wound about the two bead structures, a tread disposed radially outward of the carcass-like structure, and a shear band structure disposed radially between the carcass-like structures and the tread.
The waist perimeter was measured twice using an inextensible tape measure, using as the parameter the distance between the iliac crest and the lower back edge.