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Synonyms for inexpungible

not capable of being expunged

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Addressing these questions are the main arguments of the volume: that first person authority and externalism are compatible; that sociality is an inexpungible ingredient in the very existence of thought, language, and selfhood; and that objective knowledge may be defended against skepticism without relying upon traditional coherence or correspondence theories.
But the speed and thoroughness with which the Catholics took firm hold on primary education in the East adequately demonstrated that the Protestant lead did not possess an inexpungible permanence.
And, as Emerson showed in many ways, there is an inexpungible dimension of subjectivity in our lived-experience that no theory can annul.
He will be barely 19 years old; he will lack a high school education; and he will have an inexpungible adult felony record and only the most dysfunctional of families to turn to for support.
Moreover, a critical distance towards Blomart's words is also implied by the italicized passage that precedes it, suggesting a quite different view of alterity as inexpungible from human relations: 'chacun soi seulement pour soi, existant a cote des autres a jamais separe d'eux: un autre' (p.
For, despite all the totalizing pretensions of the parties involved (even where the ideological purposes of both the secular authorities and the attendant ministers were univocally anti-popish), an inexpungible air of dialogue hung over the proceedings.
In fine, she maps performance onto an episteme not unlike that of quantum mechanics: power and gender, identity and relationship, are aspects of the same inexpungible pleroma, alternately real and virtual responses to social attractors, and manifesting only in specific representational frames in engagement with specific observers.