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Synonyms for inexpungeable

not capable of being expunged


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The inexpungeable crime which Brierley imputes to himself in his appeal is that of being without real property.
Grosby, 'The verdict of history: the inexpungeable ties of primordiality--a response to Eller and Coughlan', Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol.
The veredict of history: The inexpungeable tie of primordiality-a responde to Eller and Coughlan" En: Ethnic and racial studies.
Hayden White's strongly contested assertion that "there is an inexpungeable relativity in every representation of historical phenomena" (37) may be more readily translated into discussions of literature than history, though literature's responsibility to history cannot be minimized either.
The Nazi persecution and torture of the Jews is hereby renewed as an inexhaustible object of investigation precisely by virtue of its inexpungeable power to shame the very moral imaginary that memorializes it.