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Synonyms for inexpressive

lacking expression

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not expressive

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Well, if it is, it's a wery inexpressive word, that's all,' said Sam.
The basis of the instrumental part is one- or two-measure motives, quite inexpressive and without an internal relationship to the psychology of the characters or the dramatic situation (Antonin Silhan, "Finis musicae," Narodni lisly, 15 March 1922; quoted in Vina, ed.
The short serves dropped directly behind the net are equally inexpressive.
But in December, Parmentier's three collaborators made a proposition he considered fundamentally regressive: that each painter might also sign the others' works, on the understanding that these notionally inexpressive marks existed apart from any originating subject and were, therefore, equally appropriable by all.
It begins and ends on the same deliberately inexpressive, monotonously repeated C.
While the food was undoubtedly nice it felt a little inexpressive and unimaginative, lacking any true wow factor - we were full but without the giddy, gluttonous feeling a truly brilliant roast leaves.
Harding argues that Cages famous insistence that "there is no such thing as silence"--a sentence which, spoken during Cages 1958 lecture series "Composition as Process" indicates but one aspect of a career that spanned five decades--is a political statement, one that prompts us to listen more intently to marginalized groups who only seem inexpressive.
Jason Momoa is inexpressive as a Hyborian warrior out to avenge his father's murder.
Similarly, in Bresson, we find frozen scenes and inexpressive faces which invite, even demand, a sort of spectatorial veneration.
In this relation, Kuznets argues that a concept of capital that merely incorporates physical and commodity agents is an inexpressive and defective concept.
It is important to be inexpressive, to have "secrets," which you keep to yourself.
The coming tax payments will unlikely provide any significant support to the Russian currency, while the oil prices started the week with inexpressive dynamics.
According to Variety, the Governator looks 'at once blankly inexpressive and doggedly determined' making a 'creaky but reasonably commercial comeback bid.
Chelsea's efforts delighted fans and Roman Abramovich, a man of such inexpressive countenance, he makes Mona Lisa look like Lee Evans.
But for me, nowhere has the potency, the inexpressive attraction as the first place I called home.