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lacking expression

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not expressive

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He had argued himself into new beliefs; and he had made for himself a mental atmosphere of gloomy and sardonic reverie, a sort of murky medium through which the event appeared like a featureless shadow having vaguely the shape of a man; a shape extremely familiar, yet utterly inexpressive, except for its air of discreet waiting in the dusk.
He further elaborated that main aim of introducing Civil Procedur Code is too ensure expeditious and inexpressive justice to litigants and early disposal of backlog.
Boular was inexpressive as she was jailed for two counts of preparing terrorist acts, which she was found guilty of at a trial.
He is known for his deadpan, inexpressive face (and oh, what a face) and skillfully portrays a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver and ends up risking it all to protect a woman and her son from vengeful criminals.
"Is it actually cool to be inexpressive rather than showing emotion?" Warren asked.
Although Brenna did hit the notes without hesitation, his relatively light and inexpressive voice fell short of the music (but what other tenor might have done better?)
Kersey's journey from family man and excellent surgeon to a hooded vigilante known as the 'Grim Reaper' is the crux of the plot, with Chicago replacing no-longer-seedy New York and Willis even more inexpressive than Bronson (whose legendary poker face hadn't quite descended in 1974).
He concludes that the salaries of Liberian teachers is not inexpressive, making teachers mostly (public schools) teachers to abandon classes and sent others unqualified individuals called Teaching Assistants (TAs) who in turn cause more problems for the educational system.
Trained as a city planner in Communist East Germany, Wust began to use a camera in 1972 to record and study urban development in a straightforward, inexpressive manner.
Although they do vocalize while mating, the ( National Zoo  notes that pandas "have round, inexpressive faces" and "do not exhibit body characteristics that communicate visual signals." Those black ears themselves, even if color is being used to warn potential attackers, "are not flexible enough to cock forward or flatten."
The determination of sexual worker larvae and pupae (45 and 43, respectively) in the fungal mass of the atypical colony, as well as the clear incorporation of fresh plant substrate into the fungal mass, and inexpressive number of workers (5), also indicated that these sexual castes performed relevant activities within the colony, such as caring for fungi and young individuals, thus ensuring survival until the potential reestablishment of the non-sexual worker population.
In it, Cote analyzes how the almost universally criticized miniseries (with a script by Richard Matheson) relies so heavily on Hollywood conventions of both Westerns and the othering of aliens--with inexpressive faces, monotone voices, unsettling music scores, etc.--that it "ultimately undermines the very humanistic message it wants to convey" (193).
But gradient based determining of ridge orientation can also be inefficient because of inexpressive edges of ridges and valleys, since we smooth ridge and valley structures with smoothing filters in the pre-processing step.
Seeming not to know how to handle the thesp, Connor directs him to spend most of his stage time either in inexpressive but devouring kissing or clutching furniture in torment.