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Synonyms for inexplicit

liable to more than one interpretation

Synonyms for inexplicit

implied though not directly expressed


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a multiplicity of complex conceptual structures, many of them superimposed upon or knotted into one another, which are at once strange, irregular, and inexplicit, and which he [sic] must contrive somehow first to grasp and then to render" (p.
18) We have a natural but inexplicit awareness of its superiority.
The connection between academic conflict and political events was all the more evocative for being inexplicit with no direct suggestion that academic differences over readings of, say, Measure for Measure could be causally linked to a major liquidity crisis in the global market or the international war against fascism.
Perhaps within its inexplicit obligations, the Mission organizes and gets involved in social activities such as English courses and organizes informal discussion sessions for the youth and women and football (soccer) matches for the youth in IDP camps.
The dilemma here is that every example of a self-evident moral truth that Kaspar offers in the book is vague, false, or inexplicit.
Weakness: Inexplicit data on patient outcomes related to lack of unified transition.
The potential implications of student and clinician agreement regarding clinical performance are inexplicit.
We will never know what happened in the tent nor why the story is told in such an inexplicit fashion.
Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick has noted that, "the relations around the known and the unknown, the explicit and the inexplicit around homo/heterosexual definition--have the potential for being peculiarly revealing, in fact, about speech acts more generally" (Epistemology 3).
Firstly, it suggests that when the so-called "exhaustiveness effect" is actually that of "identification by precising", it may be compatible with what appears to be the inclusion of the asserted alternative in a set of alternatives (in (20), inexplicit but inferable).
English has repeatedly been characterized as inexplicit in our teaching, and those studying us generally call us to account for the power dynamics of that pedagogy (see Wilder 133 and Murray 123).
The authors of Te Whariki were inexplicit in describing how the curriculum framework can meet the learning needs of young children within a society that is more multicultural than bicultural (Ho, 1995).
More or less, this is an R-rated movie with a coy PG-13 sensibility, which partly can be chalked up to the fairly inexplicit sex scenes, but also to its failure to fully exploit the potential of its material.
When this information is linked with contextual information in 30 and left inexplicit in adverbial use (38), one can comprehend the use of adverbial "sharply" by the doctor.
This interesting result could be due to the inexplicit vocal direction ("Do this") given by experimenter at the onset of the task.