inexperienced person

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a person who lacks knowledge of evil

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Ali Jahangir Siddiqui was an inexperienced person and he was appointed as ambassador without consulting the stakeholders, she added.
In the freezing conditions in the Tatras during winter, an inexperienced person can die on a crowded hiking path where in summer pensioners can walk easily, mountain guide Tibor Hromadka says.
The minister said the nation was vibrant and it would never elect any inexperienced person, adding that the masses
Critics say the evidence in his plea deal only paints Papadopoulos as an inexperienced person operating on the campaign's margins.
As a caregiver for nearly two decades, I would not allow an inexperienced person attempt to transfer my husband, neither would I expect the fire department to assist in a non-emergency situation.
It's that nearly liquid consistency that puts an inexperienced person off, unsure whether the fruit has spoiled or frozen beyond salvage.
These clients can easily be lost if an unfamiliar, inexperienced person fails to deliver to the expected standard.
Agencies faced with these issues usually have to choose between hiring someone who already has the knowledge and experience to quickly move in and take over the duties, or hiring an inexperienced person and providing them with the necessary training to allow them to function well in their position.
"The inexperienced person might want to know about power, shifting, starting, steering and speed."
She was young, she was Latina, and she was a woman in a time when higher education was dominated by Anglo men who viewed her as an inexperienced person who did not fit the mold.
For me, Sabahi is an unknown and inexperienced person. I followed his TV interviews.
"If there is any future for an inexperienced person like me as a researcher, I want to keep working towards the development of STAP cells to a level that could be helpful to someone," she said.
If a public school hired an uncertified, inexperienced person to administer an elementary school, the hue and cry would be deafening.
"Then they went for an inexperienced person in the Championship and English football in Stale Solbakken, who did well at Copenhagen, but if you look at the facts he was sacked by Cologne in the Bundesliga in 2012 with a win ratio of 22 per cent.