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So as the fog-bank flowed onward we fell back before it until we were half a mile from the house, and still that dense white sea, with the moon silvering its upper edge, swept slowly and inexorably on.
He ended every line inexorably with a full stop; and he got on to his full stop as fast as the inevitable impediment of the words would let him.
But they are both unusually proud, and their pride held them inexorably apart.
It was an affecting illustration of the fallacy of human projects, to behold her lover, with the great hat pulled over his eyes, the velvet collar turned up as if it rained, the plum-coloured coat buttoned to conceal the silken waistcoat of golden sprigs, and the little direction-post pointing inexorably home, creeping along by the worst back-streets, and composing, as he went, the following new inscription for a tombstone in St George's Churchyard:
Suppose anything but getting unchained from the one idea, for that was inexorably impossible.
Th' ascent is easie then; Th' event is fear'd; should we again provoke Our stronger, some worse way his wrath may find To our destruction: if there be in Hell Fear to be worse destroy'd: what can be worse Then to dwell here, driv'n out from bliss, condemn'd In this abhorred deep to utter woe; Where pain of unextinguishable fire Must exercise us without hope of end The Vassals of his anger, when the Scourge Inexorably, and the torturing houre Calls us to Penance?
At one time failure seemed inexorably his portion; ill-luck became his bed-fellow, and whatever he touched he turned, not to gold, but to ashes.
In a statement relating to the decision by the municipal council of Sotira, Famagusta, to cancel a production of Mike Bartlett's 'Cock' by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation (Thoc) for fear of reaction by the local community, Lottides said democracy is inexorably linked with freedom of expression.
HIGH--The daily price of an OPEC barrel continues to edge up slowly but seemingly inexorably.
THOUSANDS are drawn inexorably towards the heart of town in December and the chance to slowly shuffle along a street jam packed with even more food stalls than previous markets.
Others wait in anxious anticipation As the war creeps inexorably, closer and closer There will be no thin, red line to protect them From being enclosed by the thin, blue line.
While MPs fiddle, democracy slowly but inexorably burns.
COULD it be that this current government is leading the country inexorably to a second Dark Age?
Matt Welch engages in hyperbole himself when he characterizes Hayek's thesis in The Road to Serfdom as "manifestations of collectivism even in market-based democracies lead inexorably down the road to tyranny," considering that Hayek advocates some lite-collectivist policies in that book ("The Uses of Hyperbole," August/September).
There is concern that its highly valued expertise is being gradually but inexorably diluted.