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the quality of being inaccurate and having errors

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See Anderson 1957, 20-3 and Suzuki 1989, 126-7 on the inexactness of the parallels.
Litigating fraudulent transfers is a particularly elaborate matter due to the number of parties involved, the complexity of financing, and the inexactness of the standards of financial distress.
It should be mentioned that inexactness of the Galerkin method depends of the analysed system's form of vibration and the method of fixing the system [2, 3].
A striking example is Wittgenstein's protracted examination, deftly outlined by Engelmann, of the problem of demarcating the inexactness of visual phenomena, a problem Wittgenstein came to believe, after much toing-and-froing and attention to technical niceties, is 'impossible' (41, 110).
The inexactness lies in the problem what time to accept as the end of the measured period.
We mention that there is recent work that allows for inexactness in the solution of the KKT system [6], but the reduced Hessian is still the dominant approach in nonlinear programming.
Mike Ambrose, the director general of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), said, 'Forcing small airlines to adopt reporting procedures that demand a level of precision many dimensions different from the inexactness of climate change science is absurd.
Estimates presented to the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA), based on experience and judgment, do have their value--but the inexactness of most quantitative assessments of the true state of uncertainty surrounding programs makes predictions based on these analyses no more useful than flipping a coin.
It is no objection to argue that the inexactness of FRAND could permit a patent holder to make an arbitrary demand, since the risks of inexactness are symmetrical: a patent holder could attempt to ask for more than is "fair and reasonable," but infringer-licensees could attempt to ask for less.
28) Here Don Quixote's inexactness reflects contemporary research on the relationship between smell and language.
As a result appeared inexactness of the wording by Leo Hurwicz forming notions "centre", which, in his opinion, must provide in motion economic mechanism (the play) that methodologically untrue (Hurwicz 2007).
Talk to any vet about breathing problems and they speak of the inexactness of science surrounding a horse's larynx.
The main reason is that a fuzzy set has the property of relativity, variability and inexactness in the definition of its elements.
I HATE A LIE because it is an inexactness," wrote Alvaro de Campos, quoting Ricardo Reis.
With some degree of inexactness, the first tendency could be defined as mystical and the second as rhetorical.